3 Reasons Why Fleet Managers Should Invest in Autonomous Vehicle Technology

autonomous vehicles
autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have been a major point of discussion for the fleet industry for many years, but now they’re starting to become a reality. There should be 54.2 million autonomous vehicles on the road by 2024. For today’s fleet managers, this new technology raises an important question: When will you invest in autonomous vehicle technology for your fleet?

Autonomous vehicle technology poses an opportunity for fleet organizations to improve safety, reduce operational costs and improve diagnostics data, life cycle analysis, and preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling.

If you conduct an online search for how autonomous vehicles will affect the fleet industry, you’ll find many conflicting opinions. Despite differing viewpoints, there are several reasons why today’s fleet managers should consider investing in this technology, including:

Reason #1: Fleet Managers Will Gain Access to Enhanced Fleet Data

With the increased diagnostic data autonomous vehicles would provide, fleet managers will have better control over life-cycle cost analysis, preventive maintenance scheduling, fuel mileage, insurance costs, and much more. With a sophisticated fleet management software solution, like AssetWorks FleetFocus, already in place, fleet organizations can expect to create reports like never before using this new data.

Reason #2: Autonomous Vehicles Will Improve Both Driver and Road Safety

Safety should be a top concern for all fleet managers. While fully autonomous vehicles have not hit the market just yet, several “smart” technologies, like lane departure warnings and automatic braking, have already made a positive impact on the automotive industry.

In an interview with Gizmodo, Elon Musk of Tesla Motors predicted that autonomous cars will likely save many lives. Musk even went as far as to say that human driving may be prohibited one day in the future!

autonomous vehicles
Reason #3: Becoming an Early Adopter of Autonomous Vehicle Technology Sets Fleets Apart

There is no longer a question of if autonomous technology will affect the fleet industry. Now, it is only a question of when it will affect the industry. Early adopters of autonomous technology will be ahead of the curve and gain credibility for being at the forefront of a fast-approaching movement, all while increasing both safety and efficiency.

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