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Improve processes, reduce paperwork

Paper-based processes not only waste time and money—they hurt company morale.

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Our integrated solution benefits field operators, office staff, and everyone in between

AssetWorks solutions allow field operators to electronically manage work orders, update inventory details, and track job statuses from any device, all while office staff can stay on track and send vital updates in real time.

Eliminate manual data entry

Paper-based systems are destroying your team’s productivity. Bring your operations into the next generation through electronic field ticketing, which helps eliminate paper processes, data entry, and manual record-keeping so your staff can stay focused on the job at hand.

Streamline dispatching

Traditional dispatching tactics may result in inefficient communication between administrative staff and workers in the field. With integrated electronic dispatching, you can maintain visibility into your operations while improving driver and customer satisfaction and increasing vehicle utilization.

Improve billing

No one likes slow billing cycles. We can help speed them up by up to three months. With our integrated solution, you can bill customers the same day work is completed, which helps keep your entire organization on track. 

Real-time visibility, real-time results

Vehicle and equipment tracking through GPS/Telematics allow office staff to review the current location of all assets on a real-time map.

ELD Mandate compliance made easy

For fleet organizations across North America, AssetWorks can help you achieve and maintain compliance with the ELD Mandate.

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Additional Features

Eliminates paper processes, data entry and manual record keeping

Reduced billing cycles and improved payroll processes

Electronically recorded work order information

Speed up billing cycles by up to three months

Updated work orders in back office system in real-time

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Case Study

Torq Energy

In this case study, learn how Torq Energy moved forward with improving safety, compliance, and planning.

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