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You run your fleet across multiple job sites and remote locations. Let our software help.

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Ensuring your long-term success

We’ve been helping organizations across Oil & Gas and oilfield services industries thrive for over 40 years through our integrated software solutions.

Go paperless

Paper processes lead to administrative headaches. Our solution allows field operators to electronically manage field ticketing software and work orders, update inventory details and track job statuses using mobile devices. The ticketing information is sent to the office electronically, eliminating paperwork and time-consuming data entry.

Keep lone workers safe

Your lone workers require additional technology features to ensure safety. Work-alone safety options allow easy compliance with lone-worker legislation and safety policies by automating the check-in process and ensuring field operators are always connected to the office.

Streamline ELD compliance

Fleet organizations across North America are required to comply with the ELD Mandate through certified ELD solutions. Our certified ELD provides many benefits to organizations in the Oil & Gas industry, including rugged devices, real-time visibility, and full deployment support.

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Monitor fleet safety and performance

You can’t be everywhere at once. Or can you? Our GPS/Telematics solution includes a full range of capabilities, from location tracking to driver behavior and vehicle health analysis, so you can ensure optimal performance and targeted training.

Simplify care for specialized vehicles

Don’t let specialized vehicle maintenance hold you back. With FleetFocus, you can customize maintenance workflows regardless of vehicle type or complexity and manage each component’s unique lifecycle from acquisition to disposal.

Case Study

Rick’s Oilfield Hauling

Industry:  Oilfield Hauling
Product:  Field Service Solutions (FSS)

In this case study, learn how Rick’s Oilfield Hauling utilized technology to prosper during tough economic times.

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