Driver behavior monitoring

Poor driver behavior hurts. Let us help.

Turn speeding, swerving, hard braking, and idling into habits of the past with our driver behavior monitoring solution.

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Keep your drivers safe, one report at a time

AssetWorks software lets you analyze undesirable activity, as well as track idling costs to eliminate wasteful driving habits, increase ROI, and keep your costs down.

Easily understand driver behavior data and trends

Your data tells a story. With AssetWorks, you can quickly generate reports including driver scorecards and instantly see driver behavior KPIs on dashboards.

Receive real-time updates

With integrated software, you can set up custom rules, so you are notified in real time when a driver behavior violation occurs on the road. These custom notifications help supervisors understand events as they occur, so nothing comes as a surprise during trend analysis. 

Save money through improved safety

Costs related to driver behavior violations and collisions add up quickly. By investing in driver behavior improvements, you can not only keep your fleet drivers and vehicles safe, but you can save on fuel usage and vehicle maintenance.

Automate your fuel management

When fuel data is stored in separate systems, your fleet is susceptible to costly errors. By bringing your fleet and fuel data together, you can optimize fuel efficiency.

Make smart, data-backed decisions

Your fleet now generates more data than ever before, so take advantage of modern data analysis tools to make strategic decisions.

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Additional Features

Receive immediate notice of any key issues

Instantly see driver behavior KPI’s on the dashboard

Generate driver behavior reports including a consolidated driver scorecard report

See driver behavior issues on the breadcrumb trail

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How to Create a Successful Driver Reward Program

Learn how to utilize GPS/telematics data to create a driver reward program guaranteed to improve driver performance. 

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