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Infrastructure asset management software

Comprehensive EAM tools to help manage and maintain Public Works, Roadways and Infrastructure Assets

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We offer enterprise asset management tools to help asset-intensive organizations streamline their processes and maximize efficiencies in managing and maintaining all asset types– from street signs to bridges and everything in between– in one, integrated system.

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Advice from the Experts: Asset Management for Cities and Counties 

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Modern cities, counties, states and public works departments require modern mobile solutions. EAM Connect is a store and forward mobile app, which provides many workflows and functionalities for the people who keep your community moving.

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Manage every asset, including:

Service Request Management

Take the guess work out of service requests. With AssetWorks EAM, your employees and citizens can submit service requests, which automatically route to the appropriate area of responsibility.

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Asset management software for cities and counties

Asset Management 

AssetWorks EAM empowers software users with the latest asset management technology. With EAM, managing and maintaining point, linear, boundary and non-spatial assets of any type as never been easier.

Powerful functionality in EAM includes: lifecycle management, historical tracking, notifications, preventive maintenance and inspections, and mapping.

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The GIS capabilities in AssetWorks EAM increase transparency with your constituents by publishing open data through service requests, work orders, and capital projects.

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Inventory Management 

While most asset-intensive organizations have systems in place for tracking and storing inventory, an often overlooked challenge is how to provide the warehouse’s customers with an easy-to-use ordering system that is both intuitive and user-friendly. AssetWorks EAM’s Inventory Catalog portal allows internal and external customers to order, track and receive orders from the warehouse without needing to visit in-person.

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