Asset Performance Management

See into the future

Use technology to monitor and predict asset deterioration, so maintenance, replacement, and disposal costs are always accurate.

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Helping you make data-backed decisions

With AssetWorks EAM’s Asset Performance Assessment, you can see into the future of your assets and make smart decisions based on maintenance and performance through easy-to-understand condition scores.

Keep assets up-to-date

Asset condition and performance are constantly changing depending on maintenance, use, and external factors, like weather. In EAM, users can define recommended tasks based on the current condition of the asset. The right team at the right time will be alerted via text or email when a condition threshold is reached and generate a work order to complete the tasks.

Keep track of key details

There are many moving pieces to an asset’s complete lifecycle. The Asset Performance Assessment functionality allows permissioned users to select assets to be added to a capital project, providing detailed tracking of schedules, funding/budgets, and approvals.

Analyze anywhere

Your assets exist around your community, so why should your analysis be limited to your office? With the EAM Connect mobile app, you can make quick and easy updates with or without a work order, providing a simple experience to engage with assets, requests, and orders through map and list views.

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Work smarter, not harder

No matter the job, EAM manages it from start to finish. EAM supports the planning, tracking, and completion of all work orders, both scheduled and unscheduled.

Manage your assets (all of them)

Whether your assets are point, linear, or boundary-based, AssetWorks EAM helps you manage their entire lifecycle, including maintenance schedules, inspections, and location.

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