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Modern cities, counties, states and public works departments require modern mobile solutions. EAM Connect is a store and forward mobile app, which provides many workflows and functionalities for the people who keep your community moving.

Mobile AssetMAXX

Take the guess work out of service requests. With AssetWorks EAM, your employees and citizens can submit service requests, which automatically route to the appropriate area of responsibility.

Industries We Support

State & Local Government

AssetWorks EAM empowers software users with the latest asset management technology. With EAM, managing and maintaining point, linear, boundary and non-spatial assets of any type as never been easier. Powerful functionality in EAM includes: lifecycle management, historical tracking, notifications, preventive maintenance and inspections, and mapping.


Preventive maintenance (PM) tasks keep your assets and community safe. With EAM, PM schedules are tracked for all assets in the system. Each PM program can contain as many services and inspections as required for the full life cycle of the unique asset.

It’s time to automate your PM procedures. All services and inspections can be triggered with lead times, which removes manual processes and creates efficiencies for staff by enabling automated functionalities, like scheduled service due reports and notifications of service/inspection due dates to the appropriate teams.

Higher Education

EAM provides full lifecycle costing and management for all asset types, including:

• Life-cycle status
• Preventive maintenance, inspections & repairs
• Labor cost • Parts/materials cost • Equipment usage
• Vendor/contractor work
• Performance assessment
• Capital planning

We Help Professionals By

Saving Time & Energy

Streamline and automate the physical inventory process.

Scan, edit, sync, and run missing asset reports on a mobile scanner, in the field.

Simplifying Reconciliation

Reconciliation made quick and convenient.

Work onsite with a visual comparison of collected and original asset data based on tag number, serial number, or asset ID.

Letting You Trust Your Data

Ensure your inventory data is always current.

Back up data as you scan. Scan online or offline, and data will auto-sync every 30 seconds when you enter WiFi.

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