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Answering the “Where?”, the “Why?”, and the “How?”

As an Esri partner, AssetWorks EAM offers out-of-the-box integration, which automatically synchronizes in near real-time through bi-directional connection, so you can trust that your GIS and asset management data are working for you.

Benefit from a true partnership

You don’t just need GIS and an asset management system. You need them to work together. The Esri GIS integration built-in to the AssetWorks EAM system empowers cities, counties, states and public works organizations to view, manage, and action necessary items seamlessly.

Create powerful map layers

A major benefit of GIS is map layers. In EAM, users can work directly from the base maps of their choice and create map layers using asset attribute data, service requests, work orders, and projects.

Increase transparency with your community

It’s more important than ever to engage with your citizens. Our GIS capabilities increase transparency by publishing data through service requests, work orders, and capital projects—so everyone stays on the same page.

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Manage your assets (all of them)

Whether your assets are point, linear, or boundary-based, AssetWorks EAM helps you manage their entire lifecycle, including maintenance schedules, inspections, and location.

Make data-backed predictions

With our Asset Performance Assessment, you can see into the future of your assets and make smart decisions based on maintenance and performance through easy-to-understand condition scores.

White Paper

5 Best Practices for Utilizing GIS Data

In this white paper, you’ll review the best practices for utilizing GIS effectively to maximize its impact on your long-term asset management goals, including the positive impact an integrated EAM system can have organization-wide.

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