EAM Asset Analytics and Reporting

Advanced and customizable analytics at your fingertips

Cities, counties, states and public works organizations need powerful reporting and analytics tools to best serve their communities today, tomorrow and every day into the future. 

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Generate powerful insights

AssetWorks EAM provides over 350 out-of-the-box reports, as well as endless opportunities for custom reports for exactly what you need.

Streamline reporting

EAM utilizes Crystal Reports as its main reporting tool, providing 350+ out-of-the-box reports that are delivered through the application’s web portal.

Build exactly what you need

Every organization has different goals and requirements. Within EAM’s ad-hoc reporting tool, you can create custom reports directly within the program. No Crystal Reports experience required.

Visualize your data

EAM’s KPIs can be displayed within a dashboard to provide gauges and charts that graphically communicate any reportable data, so you can make decisions quickly and accurately.

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Budget for the future

You need to understand where every budget dollar goes, now and well into the future. With EAM’s Capital Planning functionality, you can track major goals and objectives, streamline project approvals, and see real-time spend VS budget and funding sources.

Make data-backed predictions

With our Asset Performance Assessment, you can see into the future of your assets and make smart decisions based on maintenance and performance through easy-to-understand condition scores.

White Paper

5 Best Practices for Utilizing GIS Data

In this white paper, you’ll review the best practices for utilizing GIS effectively to maximize its impact on your long-term asset management goals, including the positive impact an integrated EAM system can have organization-wide.

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