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Comprehensive, not complicated

With all your data—from vehicles and assets to maintenance and people—in one place, you can create a fleet to be proud of

Creating fleet maintenance solutions for over 40 years

From fleet management to telematics, AssetWorks has spent over 40 years perfecting its globally integrated cloud-based SaaS technology to provide an outstanding commitment to safety, compliance, efficiency, and sustainability. 

Empower your technicians

Your technicians keep fleet vehicles safe and moving, so they need a modern solution to streamline their work on the shop floor. FleetFocus provides all the necessary tools to create the ideal preventive maintenance workflow on your preferred device, from smartphones and tablets to laptop stations.

Put your data to work

With fleets generating more data than ever before, you require advanced reporting and analysis tools to fully understand the big picture of your fleet operations. Use our industry-standard metrics and interactive dashboards to monitor performance and reach your fleet’s true potential.

Automate your fuel management

Fuel is the driving force of any fleet organization but is often its most significant expense. Tracking fuel costs and consumption controls the bottom line. Our automated fuel management system provides tangible benefits including efficiency, cost savings, data validation, oversight, and control. 

Electrify your fleet

As fleets move towards electrification, it’s more important than ever to manage your electricity as a fuel. With FuelFocusEV, you can transition sustainably without comprising your operational efficiency.

Visualize your entire fleet

You need real-time data to keep your fleet on the road and on task. With telematics, you can expect full operational transparency from asset and vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, risk management and coaching, and the management of diagnostic trouble codes.

Case Study

Oklahoma City, OK

Industry: City Government
Product: FleetFocus, MobileFocus Enterprise

For over 17 years, Oklahoma City’s Utilities department has used AssetWorks FleetFocus in their workshop to assist with their work order management. 

In this case study, learn how the City uses AssetWorks mobile fleet software to reduce downtime and simplify training.

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