Fleet motor pool management

Vehicle utilization made easy

Ensuring proper vehicle utilization is a challenge even for the most efficient fleets. Running an integrated motor pool can help.

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Right-size your fleet

KeyValet is a comprehensive motor pool management solution for managing all aspects of running a fleet motor pool, including customer reservations, vehicle check-out, billing, and maintenance of vehicles.

Save time and money

Running a traditional motor pool involves many moving pieces, including additional staff and manual processes. With KeyValet, you can save costs by running your motor pool without additional staff and save time through automated reservations and integrated odometer readings.

Improve customer service

Today, your customers expect a simple, modern experience when reserving motor pool vehicles. With 24/7 access to reservations from a computer or mobile device, your customers receive a more secure and convenient solution, including notifications, billing, and availability management.

Feel confident in data security

Across all areas of fleet management, data security is crucial. With our KeyValet integrated motor pool management system, you can rely on the single and secure database for all motor pool, operator, reservation, billing, and asset maintenance information.

Improve environmental impact

Sustainability is a top goal for fleets across the globe. Motor pools increase your fleet’s ride-sharing capabilities to reduce vehicle overuse and expenses. The ability to manage electric vehicles within a motor pool can also impact your fleet’s overall sustainability goals.

Understand your fleet’s complete lifecycle

Manually calculating your vehicles’ lifecycle costs can take weeks. Save time and headaches through AssetWorks CAM’s automated lifecycle cost analysis functionality. 

Electrify your motor pool

For many fleets, motor pools serve as a logical first step for electrification. Make sure you’re making the most out of your motor pool through powerful integrations.

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Additional Features

Secure automated key storage box at the motor pool location(s)

Business Intelligence with reporting and dashboards

Real-time wireless odometer readings and trip data transfer to FleetFocus

Automated availability management, confirmation, and customer notifications

24/7 online motor pool reservations

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Case Study

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)

Industry: Water
Asset #: Approx. 1,200
Product: FleetFocus, KeyValet

In this case study, learn how EBMUD utilizes KeyValet to improve vehicle availability and reduce wait times.

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