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Building the fleet of the future with Pitstop

AssetWorks Predictive Analytics software revolutionizes the way fleets operate empowering them with real-time insights, proactive maintenance strategies, and enhanced decision-making.

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Catch fleet maintenance issues before they happen

AssetWorks Predictive Analytics utilizes advanced predictive algorithms to analyze telematics data and historical repair records to predict the likelihood of potential failures before they occur.

Improve your vehicle diagnostics data

With continuous review of diagnostics trouble codes, you can weed out the false positives and deliver enhanced data directly to your technicians without connecting a device.

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Increase insight into vehicle health

When you enable near real-time remote monitoring of vehicle health status, you llow fleet managers to identify issues proactively and take preventive actions before a vehicle reakdown occurs.

Conduct cost analyses

A predictive maintenance solutions offers detailed cost analysis, showcasing the financial impacts of faults and failures to the maintenance operations and opportunities for cost reductions.

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Prioritize fleet data insights

Each insight within the predictive analytics solution for fleets is prioritized as Critical, Major, or Minor severity, enabling maintenance planners to schedule services and resources to resolve the important problems first.

Improve fleet performance with telematics

GPS/Telematics helps fleets truly understand their operations, from driver behavior to vehicle utilization and everything in between.

Optimize fuel to maximize savings

AssetWorks FuelFocus is an automated fuel management system that includes a sophisticated combination of hardware and software to manage all consumable assets.

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Additional Features

Proactive prevention

Reduced downtime

Tactical savings

Empowered technicians

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Predictive Analytics 101: AssetWorks x Pitstop Partnership

For the fleet industry, AI is no longer just a buzzword. The benefits and real-world applications can be realized today. That’s why the AssetWorks and Pitstop teams are joining forces to educate the fleet industry on the many benefits of AI-driven predictive analytics.

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