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Truck fleet organizations have unique challenges and software requirements. Let us help.

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Managing trucking fleets for over 40 years

There’s nothing we can’t manage. With our integrated solution, you have complete visibility into your operations. This data insight helps you delight your customers, all while expanding profit margins, reducing costs, and improving productivity.

Protect your reputation

Serving your customers matters. It not only means your fleet is performing at a high level, but it protects your business and your bottom line. Fleet management software, especially when integrated with GPS/Telematics, helps keep your operations running efficiently.

Unlock hidden savings

What you don’t know can hurt you—and your bottom line. Integrated fleet data is the key to identifying gaps and opportunities to save big. With the wealth of data available to you through powerful APIs, integrated fuel and EV charge management, and telematics, you expose budgetary blind spots.

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Comply with the ELD Mandate

Trucking fleets generate a lot of data, but what matters is how that data is utilized, especially when it comes to compliance. When trucking data is maintained in one integrated system with a certified ELD solution, compliance has never been easier.

See the complete picture of your fleet

GPS tracking for trucking fleet organizations can make or break your operations. Our GPS/Telematics solution includes a full range of capabilities, from location tracking to driver behavior and vehicle health analysis, so you can ensure optimal performance and targeted training.

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Three Star Trucking

Industry:  Oilfield Hauling
Product: Field Service Solutions (FSS)

GPS tracking for trucking fleet organizations can make or break your operations.

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