Electronic logging devices (ELD)

ELD Mandate compliance has never been easier

Compliance is just the beginning. Our ELD functionality provides additional benefits to improve your operations.

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Helping you achieve so much more than just compliance

AssetWorks provides mobile safety options, improve driver behavior, collects pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections, and tracks hours-of-service—all while maintaining compliance with the ELD Mandate.

Achieve and maintain compliance

Our ELD solution offers seamless compliance with both the U.S. and Canadian ELD Mandate. Our durable ELD is a cost-effective option that is hardwired to a vehicle through the ECM, with powerful features including: mid-range specs for shock/vibration, temperature, and moisture, portability via docking stations, and separate ECM box.

Gain real-time visibility

Your fleet shouldn’t be a mystery. Our administrator software feature set provides real-time visibility of all drivers including their current cycle status and availability. It allows you to create, update and manage records, while reviewing edited logs and annotations.

Receive full deployment support

We understand that getting off on the right foot is important, especially when it comes to deployments – that’s why we assign project managers to help guide you through the deployment process and offer 24/7 customer support.

Improve driver inspections

From real-time status updates to tailored inspection points, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports were created to further your vehicles’ success.

Keep your drivers safe

With the right solution, you can analyze and improve undesirable driver behavior, like speeding and hard braking, to keep your drivers safe on the road.

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Additional Features

Real-time visibility of drivers’ current cycle status and availability

Track drivers’ Hours-of-Service (HOS) and work alone safety

Collect pre-trip vehicle inspection faults in real-time

Monitor poor driving habits and safety issues through real-time alerts

Overcome mobile safety challenges and enforce stringent standards from the office

24/7 ELD support for your drivers

Hardwired to a vehicle through the ECM

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