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For modern fleets, investing in electric vehicles is just the beginning. AssetWorks helps fleets manage EVs and EV charging better. How? Here are a few of the ways:

Know your actual EV costs

FuelFocusEV aggregates charging costs, adds internal subcharges, and distinguishes between the cost of grid and non-grid electricity.

Calculate total cost of ownership

Improve the accuracy of your capital planning with complete electricity cost data— segmented by asset class and internal departments.

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Save time and money

Accurately account for all electric vehicle charging sessions (both private and public)

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Improve reporting and analysis

Use up to 19 automated, out-of-the-box reports to analyze charging costs and behaviors

Ask an Expert: Take Home EV Chargers 

It can be less expensive to issue take-home chargers than to install chargers at fleet facilities. Connect with the AssetWorks team to learn more about take home charger program options for your organization.


  • Automatic import of private and public charge transactions

  • Imported transaction data includes date and time of charge session, actual time of charge versus plug-in time, and kilowatt per hour cost

  • Visibility of station port status

  • Electric vehicle data sync with EV charging hardware providers’ hardware and software technology 


  • Save time and money by accurately accounting for electric charge sessions (both public and private)

  • Improves accuracy in calculating vehicle total cost of ownership

  • Encourages efficiency though the elimination of dual entry of electric vehicle data with EV charging hardware providers 

  • Provides multiple report generating options to analyze overall energy consumption for your fleet

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