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Automated fuel management system

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Keep your tanks full, your vehicles on the road and your budget happy with our Fuel Management System

FuelFocus is an automated fuel management system that supports continuous, real-time fuel management over virtually any communication platform. Its sophisticated combination of hardware and software provides accountability for metered or pulsed consumables, including gasoline, diesel, propane, CNG, LNG, hydrogen, glycol and lubricants.


  • FuelFocus is integrated with your fleet management software, so all important information is in a single database.

  • With a single data source, critical fleet data, like vehicle information and fuel transactions, is always current.

  • Timeliness of PM scheduling is improved because hour-meter and odometer readings are processed and validated in a central database.

  • Access to fuel consumption data is available from any workstation, and vehicle maintenance data is available at the FuelFocus Island Controllers.

  • Customization of the system enables your organization to implement a centralized or decentralized fuel management system.

Device Options

  • RF Vehicle Identification Box

  • Proximity Key/Cards from HID, Motorola Indala, GE Security and others

  • Magnetic Strip Card

  • Biometrics

  • Keypad Input

Free fuel management upgrades until 2022.

Fuel is one of the largest expenses in the operating budget of fleets across the public and private sectors. Modern fuel management technology helps fleets control fuel costs, but the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in tightened or nonexistent budgets for fuel upgrades. That’s why AssetWorks is offering free fuel management upgrades to current and new customers until December 31, 2021. Average cost savings of $5.300 per ICU.


How the City of Toronto is Upgrading to More Efficient Fuel Operations with FuelFocus.


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