Government fleet management software

Fleet transformation made easy

Fleet management solutions evolve at a rapid pace. But let’s face it- you need help keeping up. That’s where we come in.

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We’ve been serving government fleets for over 40 years

With our integrated solution, you have complete visibility into your operations—from work on the shop floor to drivers on the road. This data insight helps you better serve your community, all while maximizing your budget dollars and keeping your teams engaged.

Protect your data, protect your community

With data breaches and cyberattacks making headlines across the globe, it’s more important than ever for you to prioritize data security. AssetWorks adheres to the strictest government standards of data security, redundancy, and uptime—rest assured your data is safe.

Justify your fleet costs

It’s your responsibility to secure funding for your fleet. With our solutions, you can advocate for the tools, vehicles, and resources your community deserves. 


Electrify your fleet

It can feel impossible to execute your existing goals while also investing in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. We can help you make your electrification goals a reality through expert consultation and long-term strategic planning.

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Level the playing field with the private sector

The private sector is plucking your top talent. Attract and retain skilled technicians through industry-leading technology that adapts to your shop’s preferred workflows and devices. Our solutions build positive shop cultures that keep your technicians happy and engaged.

White Paper

87 Questions a Consultant Asks to Optimize Your Fleet

While a consultant provides valuable information and an outside point of view, a self-assessment is a cost-free way to get started. In this free white paper from AssetWorks, discover the questions that a consultant may ask to help understand your current state of affairs.

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