2023 AssetWorks Annual

Discover the latest in fleet and asset management excellence, innovation, and industry insights in our highly anticipated annual publication. 

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Explore the Future of Fleet & Asset Management

Dive into a world of cutting-edge strategies, trends, and success stories that redefine fleet and asset management practices across various industries.

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Industry Thought Leadership

Gain insights from top industry experts and thought leaders shaping the future of asset management.

Innovative Solutions

Explore groundbreaking technologies and methodologies transforming the way organizations manage their assets.

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Success Stories

Learn from real-world success stories, showcasing the tangible impact of effective fleet and asset management.

2023 AssetWorks Annual

What's In This Publication

  • Meet Your Team
  • AssetWorks Academy: Past and Future
  • Forecasting the Next Era of Software Implementation
  • Q&A: Meet the UK Team
  • Case Study: Sponsored by Samsara
  • Show Your Parks Some Love: A Guide to Community-Focused Park Maintenance
  • Shining the Spotlight: Featuring AssetWorks Customers & Staff
  • Webinar Round Up
  • Predictive Analytics to Ensure Optimal Asset Health and Increase Cost Savings: Sponsored by Pitstop
  • A Look into AssetWorks’ Company Culture

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