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GPS/Telematics helps fleets truly understand their operations, from driver behavior to vehicle utilization and everything in between.

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Integrated GPS/Telematics for improved fleet operations

AssetWorks GPS is a comprehensive telematics solution for the tracking and management of your vehicles, assets, and drivers. 

Integrate seamlessly with FleetFocus

As part of the AssetWorks integrated product suite, AssetWorks GPS is the only telematics solution that offers two-way integration with FleetFocus. We can capture key data points from light and heavy-duty vehicles and other high value assets, including mileage, driver behavior, vehicle location/history, maintenance, and breadcrumb trails.

Identify key trends

You can’t be everywhere at once, but technology helps identify areas for operational improvement. Our heat map functionality allows you to see driving trends across your fleet to help easily identify trouble areas where your fleet operators are consistently speeding or harsh braking. This allows for proactive training and feedback to your entire team, not just in response to individual events.

Track your non-powered assets

You need to feel confident that your assets, even the ones you don’t see every day, are safe and performing optimally. AssetWorks GPS supports a wide range of GPS devices that are specifically designed for non-powered assets. These devices are battery powered and weatherproof, allowing for tracking the location of your high value assets such as trailers, generators, light stands, yellow iron, and more.

Protect your drivers and your reputation

Safety should be your fleet’s top priority. Driver tracking and driving behavior technology lets you analyze undesirable activity such as speeding, swerving, hard braking, and unauthorized use. Not only can telematics improve overall safety, but it can also save money through the elimination of harmful behaviors and tracking idling costs.

Benefit from our wide network of partners

We also provide integrations with third-party GPS/Telematics vendors, including Geotab, Verizon, Samsara, and more.

Utilize AI dashcams in your fleet

Artificial intelligence is here. Integrate AI into your fleet operations with our dashcam solution. 

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Mileage capture/Odometer readings– AssetWorks GPS provides accurate and timely capture of ECM-based mileage to ensure PM schedules are being managed effectively. For non-ECM equipped vehicles, GPS offers a calculated mileage.

Engine hour/Asset run-time capture– AssetWorks GPS captures engine hours direct from ECM or will utilize cumulative engine run time on/off to capture hours if ECM is available. Automated capture ensures hourly-based PM schedules are optimized.

Trouble Codes– Real-time capture of trouble codes (DTCs) and Malfunction Indicator Lights (MILs) ensures critical problems can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Asset system of record– FleetFocus is the system of record for asset data. Additions, modifications, or terminations in your fleet flow down automatically to AssetWorks GPS so you only need to maintain one database of assets.

Location– With regular location updates to FleetFocus, your maintenance staff will no longer waste time searching for vehicles/assets requiring service.

Secure Fueling– With AssetWorks GPS, you can control your fleet’s fueling operations in real time without disrupting your drivers’ operations. 

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