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AssetWorks GPS Telematics solution addresses three vital questions: Where are my fleet vehicles? What are my vehicles doing? And lastly, how is what they are doing out there going to affect my organization in here?

Not only can GPS offer real-time data about the location and activity of your vehicles, but it can also play a vital role in helping you maintain your vehicles. Because our GPS solution communicates directly with your vehicles’ on-board computers, critical data such as meter readings and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are transmitted into your maintenance system. Use these accurate and frequently updated meter readings as the foundation for your preventive maintenance program. Create service requests automatically when DTCs are reported. The automated communications can be a time-saving tool for your maintenance department.

City of Columbus Fleet Projects $1.2 Million in Annual Savings with GPS


5 Ways GPS Telematics Pays for Itself

From vehicle location to fuel usage, idle time, engine diagnostic codes, and more, GPS fleet tracking systems provide accurate, timely data to make smarter fleet management decisions. This 24-minute on-demand webinar covers 5 ways in which fleet telematics can benefit your business and provide a measurable ROI.

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