How to Maintain One System of Record with GPS/Telematics Integration


Many fleet professionals are used to working on multiple platforms to pull data. Whether you’re in your FleetFocus system working on PM schedules or another third-party system reviewing payroll, it can be a lot to bounce around from system to system trying to maintain accuracy and consistency between data sets while also manually inputting your data.

AssetWorks GPS/Telematics wants to show you the importance of maintaining one system of record for assets and how there’s only one integration that can do that with your FleetFocus system.

What is the System of Record?

The system of record, also known as the single source of truth (SSOT), is the concept that there is one place in your organization that is the primary source of data and all other uses of this data come from that primary source.  Your AssetWorks FleetFocus is the system of record for your asset data. However, if you make any additions, modifications, or terminations in your fleet, it will not automatically update in your GPS/telematics system, leaving you to bounce from platform to platform, manually entering your data.

Time is wasted going back and forth between platforms as you manage all the changes you make through the week/month on assets. Whether it’s small modifications or adding brand new assets completely, by taking the time and manually entering it into your different platforms, you’re missing out on other important things you could be working on. In addition, this painstaking process also increases the risk of entering the wrong information and having out-of-sync databases. You need the most accurate data possible to make the best decisions for your fleet and avoid time-consuming mistakes due to poor data. The only way to make your PM schedules more effective is with the best data possible. You run into the risk of losing that edge when you manually enter that information.

We have all heard the saying, “Time is money.” Every time you have to go into your FleetFocus system and then reenter all the information into your GPS/telematics platform, it can be costing you and your business time and resources that can be focused on your customers and your employees. You need to have a GPS/Telematics system that is going to make you more efficient and improve your operations.

AssetWorks GPS/Telematics has two-way integration with FleetFocus that allows you to take advantage of managing only one data set of assets for both your maintenance system and your GPS/telematics. That means you only need to maintain one database of assets as all changes in FleetFocus automatically flow down to GPS/Telematics. You no longer have to jump from system to system for the management of database synchronization.

What is AssetWorks GPS/Telematics

AssetWorks GPS/Telematics solution for the tracking and managing of your vehicles, assets, and drivers. We combine the rich and sharp image of GPS/telematics with your FleetFocus system to provide the most powerful fleet management platform you can ask for.

AssetWorks GPS works hand-in-hand with your current FleetFocus system to bring you the most accurate data to help you reduce costs and boost your preventive maintenance plan. Having an all-in-one solution, and one database of assets to manage, will help you improve your efficiency and improve productivity. With GPS, you’re able to:

  • Capture mileage/odometer readings to ensure PM schedules are being managed effectively
  • Capture engine hours and asset run time right from the ECM for full optimization
  • Regular location updates to your FleetFocus software so that your maintenance staff will no longer have to waste time searching for vehicles/assets
  • Real time trouble code notification allows you to get to the problem right away
  • Make any changes or modifications that will sync automatically, maintaining one asset system of record

Having an all-in-one solution, and one database of assets to manage, will help you improve your efficiency and productivity.

To find out more about AssetWorks GPS and its integrations with your current AssetWorks FleetFocus system, fill out the form below.
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