How to Hire and Retain Gen-Z Employees

fleet management software
fleet management software

Industry analysts are raising alarms about the critical shortage of diesel technicians. With a substantial portion, around 40% to 50%, of heavy-duty truck technicians set to retire in the next 8-10 years, this concern has come to the forefront.  

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates that the industry will require roughly 200,000 technicians over the next decade to fulfill current truck maintenance requirements. However, American schools are only churning out approximately 3,500 diesel technicians each year. 

One of the primary factors discouraging young people from pursuing a career as technicians is the negative perception of the profession among those outside of it. Because of this, the industry needs to find a way to show Gen-Z the importance of this job and get them on board. 

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How to Hire Gen-Z Fleet Technicians

1. Start Engaging from the Start 

So many young children love playing with toy trucks, but at what age do you think their fascination with trucks will diminish? By making a positive impact on children at an early age, you are already halfway to success. Just as youngsters frequently visit fire or police stations during school trips or other activities, why not include garages? Engage with programs aimed at children, such as elementary school career fairs, to show them how interesting and crucial it is to be a fleet technician.  

2. Engage With Student Communities 

It is a great idea to establish connections with technical schools and colleges nearby to tap into emerging talent. Numerous shops and garages across the nation have forged partnerships with local schools to initiate internship or apprenticeship initiatives. These programs are tailored for students who are soon to join the workforce and will help your organization create relationships with future fleet technicians. 

 3. Use Social Media 

Gen-Z knows social media better than any other generation, and this can be an incredible tool. Less and less often we see young adults job hunting by browsing through newspapers or walking through their town asking around. Today, Gen-Z workers are using social media like LinkedIn, Instagram, and even TikTok to hear about opportunities that could fit their needs. Utilizing social media is an excellent way to make connections and get Gen-Z’s attention! 

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How To Retain Gen-Z Employees

1. Talk about career progression 

Within the fleet industry, there is never-ending room for advancement and skill enhancement. Many workers start on the workshop floor and build their way up to senior management roles. By highlighting the long-term career development for a fleet technician, many prospective employees will be inclined to stay in the industry and grow. 

2. Strive to make connections 

Oftentimes online, Gen-Z can get a bad rap for being addicted to phones and social media and lacking work ethic, but this is not the case- they are just living in a new world compared to other generations and we need to learn how to connect with them. We have seen that Gen-Z’s can adapt very quickly to new technologies, excel at multitasking, and are the most interconnected generation yet! Understanding and working with these traits can lead to extreme success for the fleet industry and for their careers as fleet technicians. 

3. Embrace Mobile Technology 

As the generation born with amazing technological advances every day, Gen-Zs possess a deep understanding and adeptness with technology. Because of this, they are drawn to organizations equipped with cutting-edge tech. Invest in mobile fleet technology to empower the new generation of fleet technicians to excel. 

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