EAM for fleets

Bridge the gap between fleet and public works

Achieve synergy between fleet and public works to keep your community safe, happy, and on the move.

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Manage complex networks of roadways, waterways, and boundary-based assets

Let us help you better serve your citizens through integrated infrastructure asset and fleet management software. AssetWorks EAM is an innovative yet practical software solution designed to help you manage assets and infrastructure of all types.

Take control of preventive maintenance and inspections

Your assets require unique preventive maintenance and inspection schedules, but determining the best cadence can be challenging. That’s where technology comes in. AssetWorks EAM automates PM and inspections, allowing your teams to focus on the work at hand. 

Understand asset lifecycles

You need to be able to track the full lifecycles of each asset within your community. AssetWorks EAM provides full lifecycle costing and management for all assets, including lifecycle status, preventive maintenance and inspections, labor costs, equipment usage, and vendor/contractor work, all in one system.

Modernize your mapping

Your organization needs robust mapping functionality to see exactly what assets you have and where you have them. All necessary information, including work orders, service requests, and projects, is displayed spatially with our GIS system. This transparency allows your teams to make important maintenance decisions across your community.

Electrify with ease

Fleets and public works departments must electrify to keep up with industry trends and sustainability goals.

Manage and maintain fleet vehicles

Hundreds of fleets across the globe trust AssetWorks FleetFocus to manage their vehicle assets and maintenance.

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Additional Features

Complete warranty, purchasing, and parts inventory management

Technician certification and training management

Connected and disconnected mobile workforce functionality

Barcode enabled with mobile wireless handheld technology

Robust service request, work order, scheduling, and calendar functionalities

Complete asset life-cycle management, including budgeting, acquisition, capital improvement, campaigns and disposal management

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Case Study

St. Charles Parish is Going Paperless with AssetWorks EAM

Industry: City Government
Asset #: Approx. 60,000
Product: EAM

In this case study, learn how St. Charles Parish, LA went paperless with their asset management operations.

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