Capital asset management software

Replace your assets at the right time, every time

Lifecycle cost analysis is complicated. Streamline it through powerful automation.

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Make powerful, data-backed decisions

AssetWorks CAM is a web-based asset replacement solution capable of tracking replacement schedules on unlimited assets, regardless of complexity.

See into the future

Forecasting is a powerful tool for modern asset managers, but it can be difficult to do with accuracy. Automation is key for proper forecasting. With CAM, you can forecast maintenance and operating costs along with staffing needs based on real data, including asset distribution and age.

Spend smarter

Budget justification for new or additional vehicles isn’t simple. Data can help. CAM helps you prioritize assets based on funding limits, all while capital budgets are managed for procurement, replacement, new assets, or contingency assets.

Streamline asset disposal

There comes a time when every asset must be disposed of. After successfully tracking its lifecycle, you can choose the best time for disposal. With CAM, you can manage the disposal of assets through user-defined disposal processes, including setting up auctions and assigning assets to auction lots for sale either internally or externally.

Analyze with ease

Fleets require next generation business intelligence tools to fully understand their operations.

Prepare for electrification

While fleets prepare for electrification, many struggle to replace aging vehicles with EVs.

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Additional Features

Handles a variety of assets from basic electronics like laptops to vehicles and heavy equipment.

Captures descriptive and informational data for analysis and reporting.

Supports any asset or asset type regardless of size or complexity.

Consists of four primary modules: Analytics; Planning and Budgeting; Procurement; and Remarketing.

Works independently of the maintenance management application but can integrate with most maintenance management systems.

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Industry Guide

How to Prepare Your Fleet Data For Lifecycle Cost Analysis

This analysis requires that fleets accurately classify assets, collect maintenance, fuel, and downtime costs to model annual operating costs; and capture purchase and disposal costs to model the cost of ownership.

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