Capital Asset Management (CAM)

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Automate vehicle life cycle cost analysis for modern asset management 

Data-driven asset management

When was the last time you calculated the life cycle costs of your fleet vehicles and assets? Vehicle life cycle cost analysis is hard to complete and often not done due to outdated databases, manual data entry and non-integrated systems.

AssetWorks Capital Asset Management (CAM) provides instant access to multiple life cycle cost models based on your real fleet data. With CAM, you can instantly calculate annual operating rates, forecasting operating costs, labor equivalents and more—analyses that typically take asset managers weeks to generate!


Who uses CAM?

Asset Managers

CAM for Asset Managers

Asset managers are responsible for setting asset management strategies and making sure the correct assets are in the customers’ hands. They need reliable data, meaningful analysis and industry standard methodologies. With CAM, asset managers can streamline their processes to be more efficient and save money.


CAM for Analysts

Analysts are responsible for life-cycle cost analysis, forecasting and more. Before CAM, analysts had to build spreadsheets models to construct the analyses and needed assistance manipulating the raw data to populate necessary models. With CAM, analysts can automate these tedious processes while providing valuable backup for informed decision-making across their organization.

Procurement Specialists

CAM for Procurement Specialists

Procurement specialists help fleet organizations build requisitions, manage the contracting process, evaluate proposals and evaluate vendor performance. With CAM, procurement specialists can ensure that they are making the most informed decisions for the organization through secure, accurate data.


CAM for Planners

Planners are responsible for building/maintaining multi-year capital plans. They need to set and maintain planning parameters and work with customers and the Finance department to determine funding levels. With CAM, planners can prioritize assets to best fit the plan to funding levels without worrying about data silos.


CAM for Engineers

Engineers design assets and work with customers to get operating requirements. They are also responsible for development new specifications and preparing RFI/RFP for quotes. In CAM, engineers can determine available options, set up attributes and more—all while integrating with FleetFocus fleet management system in real-time.


CAM for Administrators

Administrators are responsible for maintaining asset data in the fleet system through entering and updating assets, tracking the life cycles through disposal and entering disposal settlement data. With CAM, the admin can work in one, secure system for the asset’s entire life cycle.

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Inside Look: AssetWorks CAM for Fleet Procurement and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

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  • Supports any asset or asset type regardless of size or complexity.
  • Handles a variety of assets from basic electronics like laptops to vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Captures descriptive and informational data for analysis and reporting.
  • Consists of four primary modules: Analytics; Planning and Budgeting; Procurement; and Remarketing.
  • Works independent of the maintenance management application, but can integrate with most maintenance management systems.


  • Replace assets at optimum economic end-of-life.
  • Prioritize replacements to allocate scarce capital budgets and minimize future operating and maintenance costs.
  • Understand impact of maintenance decisions on an asset’s life-cycle, as well as how life-cycle can impact the maintenance budget.
  • Manage the procurement process to minimize acquisition costs.
  • Manage remarketing process to maximize salvage value.

Mobilizing asset receipt and inspection

With the Receive and Inspect app, fleet organizations will be able to check-in newly purchased assets from their preferred mobile device. This includes an initial ability to accept or reject an entire order or any of the individual assets within an order. In the app, users can complete a custom inspection of the assets, while attaching notes, serial numbers, attributes and other information as needed.

Screenshot of the CAM Receive and Inspect mobile app

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