5 Technologies For Improved Fleet Operations

motor pool
motor pool

Given the abundance of technology accessible for fleets today, it is important to know which ones will enhance your operations and which ones could drain resources. While most fleets already use a comprehensive fleet management software solution, numerous additional technologies and add-ons exist to enhance these operations! 

Before committing to any technology investments, consider the following: What are my fleet’s strengths and weaknesses? Does my fleet software vendor supply any new technology or add-ons? 

The following 5 technologies have proven their ability to enhance fleet operations in several ways: 

1. GPS Tracking

Where would the fleet industry be without GPS and telematics solutions? With GPS, you can improve productivity, lower fuel costs, and slash distracted driving behaviors in your organization. Not only can a comprehensive GPS solution help keep track of vehicles’ locations, but it can also play a vital role in determining preventive maintenance schedules. 

AssetWorks GPS Solution communicates with your vehicles’ onboard computers, so you will never be left in the dark about vital information, like trouble codes and meter readings. You can use this data to build your preventive maintenance schedule around your vehicles, which boosts the efficiency of your fleet operations 

2. Motor Pool Management

While an unmanned motor pool might seem unnecessary for your fleet operations, there are many benefits to consider. These benefits include cost savings from running a motor pool without additional staff, greater customer service through 24/7 access to reservations, and accurate reports and billing based on data collected in real time. 

AssetWorks KeyValet’s automated motor pool system makes automated processes possible that may not be easily available for fleets using multiple systems. KeyValet provides a total solution to manage motor pools, including a single and secure database for reservations, time savings through automated reservations and accurate odometer readings, and compete integration with the Fleet Focus fleet management software system. 

3. Mobile Fleet Management Applications

Mobile technology plays a key role in the future of fleets. More and more people within the fleet industry need and want technology on their phones and tablets to help them complete their tasks on the go. 

The AssetWorks SmartApps suite of mobile applications was developed for many people within your fleet organization, including technicians, drivers, customers, and inspectors. From capturing real-time data and viewing upcoming preventive maintenance work schedules to allowing clients to access their vehicle reservations from their smartphones, the SmartApps suite has the capabilities to help your fleet continue growing in today’s connected world. 

Fleet technology exists to improve fleet operations. Every day, innovative technology emerges to handle the many functions of the industry.

4. Fuel Management Software

Maximize your fuel budget’s efficiency! With better accountability, anticipate fuel savings up to 15%, shrinkage reductions of 10-20%, and a decline in errors and fuel theft. Utilizing FuelFocus’ unified data platform ensures critical information like fuel transactions, tank capacities, and odometer readings remain constantly updated. 

Storing fuel data separately exposes your fleet to costly errors. Consolidating fleet and fuel data optimizes fuel efficiency. All the data that is captured by FuelFocus undergoes real time validation against values stored in a centralized database, enabling swift crisis response through automated fueling, heightened oversight and control, pertinent fuel consumption insights, convenient mobile and external fueling options, and 24/7 support availability. 

5. Charge Management Software

Three-quarters of fleet managers acknowledge the increasing interest in electric vehicles (EV’s) within operational fleets. To keep up with evolving demands of fuel consumption, having the right resources is crucial to staying on top of trends. However, assessing the effectiveness of your EV operations can be challenging without comprehensive data visibility. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your EV data through automated out-of-the-box reports.  

FuelFocusEV manages electric stations and obtains accurate charge session transactional data, offering valuable insights into energy consumption across your fleet. Coordinating energy, fuel, and charge management collectively is vital to get the most out of your operations. This seamless integration enables you to monitor electric energy distribution alongside traditional and alternative fueling. Charging session events are integrated automatically to eliminate manual data entry and errors. 

Our team of experts provide guidance through site assessments, ensuring planned charging areas meet accessibility requirements and assisting necessary facility modifications. Our hardware specialists collaborate with your team to assess various EV equipment makes and models to support long-term strategy. 

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