Inventory Management software

Understand what you have and where you have it

Your staff and customers deserve a streamlined solution to inventory challenges.

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Finally: an intuitive solution to your top inventory challenges

AssetWorks EAM provides fully integrated parts and materials inventory management for an unlimited number of stock locations, which directly connects to EAM’s work order management, allowing technicians and crews to request parts and materials from an inventory location directly to a work order.

Simplify inventory orders

The days of confusing or paper-based orders are behind you. With AssetWorks EAM, warehouse customers can view catalogs, request items, and specify delivery locations all in one, integrated system.

Decrease order errors

Any errors in inventory orders can negatively impact your budget. With EAM’s familiar shopping cart functionality, customers can review all orders before final submission, meaning a reduction in errors.

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Make data-backed predictions

With our Asset Performance Assessment, you can see into the future of your assets and make smart decisions based on maintenance and performance through easy-to-understand condition scores.

Work smarter, not harder

No matter the job, EAM manages it from start to finish. EAM supports the planning, tracking, and completion of all work orders, both scheduled and unscheduled.

Ultimate Guide

How to write and master your agency’s asset management plan

With a national spotlight on funding for public infrastructure, it is more important than ever for asset management professionals to construct plans for their organizations.

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