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Maintenance where it matters most

You need to streamline your facilities’ performance. We have proactive maintenance solutions to elevate your efficiency.

enterprise asset management software

Building a world where facility assets never fail

You have a running list of maintenance tasks and competing priorities. Every asset across your building operations requires unique inspections, warranty requirements, and compliance standards to perform at optimal efficiency. With our integrated EAM software, facilities management has never been easier.

Old buildings, new visions

: With limited funding and manpower, it’s becoming more difficult to maintain aging government facilities. You can rely on EAM software to extend the life of your structures, ensuring that they continue to stand as testaments to your community’s history. From HVAC systems to lighting fixtures and everything in between, an integrated asset management system ensures that each asset within your operations gets the attention and maintenance it needs.

Erase pencil whipping

Pencil whipping is the practice of falsely filling out inspection and work order documents. Welcome a new era of accountability and safety compliance. Our cutting-edge software empowers your team to deliver on promises and ensure that standards are never compromised.

Make the most of your budget

You need to understand where every budget dollar goes, now and well into the future. With EAM’s Capital Planning functionality, you can track major goals and objectives, streamline project approvals, and see real-time spend VS budget and funding sources.

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Keep assets up to date

Asset condition and performance are constantly changing depending on maintenance, use, and external factors, like weather. In EAM, users can define recommended tasks based on the current condition of the asset.

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Build asset management plans

With a national spotlight on funding for public infrastructure, it is more important than ever for facilities management professionals to construct plans for their organizations.

Case Study

St. Charles Parish, LA

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana is home to approximately 53,000 people and even more assets. Responsible for the maintenance of over 60,000 assets, the St. Charles Parish public works team strives to live by its mission statement: to provide the best possible roads and systems to ensure the safety and security of parish residents and their properties.

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