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Public works technology evolves at a rapid pace. We can help you keep up.

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We’ve served public works organizations for over 40 years

With our integrated solution, you have complete visibility into your operations—from inventory counts in the warehouse to maintenance in the field. This data insight helps you better serve your community, all while maximizing your budget dollars and keeping your teams engaged.

Mobilize your work crews

Your employees in the field deserve the tools and technology to make their work easier. With public works  software on mobile devices, work crews can input data, capture photos or videos, and respond to service requests. The best part? It’s all integrated, so you don’t have to worry about losing track of projects in your community.

Keep your data safe

With data breaches and cyberattacks making headlines across the globe, it’s more important than ever for you to prioritize data security. AssetWorks adheres to the strictest governmental standards of data security, redundancy, and uptime. When you work with us, your data is safe.  

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Budget for the future

It’s your responsibility to secure funding for your organization. With our solutions, you can advocate for the tools, assets, and resources your team deserves.

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Achieve sustainability goals

It can feel impossible to execute your existing public works goals while also investing in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. We can help you make your electrification goals a reality through expert consultation and long-term strategy planning.

White Paper

How to Write and Master Your Agency's Asset Management Plan

With a national spotlight on funding for public infrastructure, it is more important than ever for asset management professionals to construct plans for their organizations. 

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