Utility asset management

You power your community, we power your operations

Your operations are vital to your customers– that’s why you need to keep your vehicles safe and on the road.

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Serving utilities from coast to coast

Wherever you are, we have the integrated enterprise asset management system you need to optimize your operations and improve customer satisfaction. This data insight gained from our solutions helps you complete everyday maintenance and respond swiftly to emergencies.

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Eliminate unnecessary downtime

There’s no question about if you need to complete preventive maintenance. Stay on top of asset maintenance with automated maintenance workflow scheduling, integrated shop floor calendars, and paperless work orders. From oil changes to parts replacements, you will feel confident about the condition of your assets in the field and your vehicles on the road.

Achieve and maintain compliance

Carefree compliance is within reach. Having digital proof of your operations makes it easy to prove your compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. With our asset management software, all relevant data, including certifications, documentation, and licenses, are stored in one easy-to-access system, making compliance truly carefree.

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Simplify care for specialized vehicles

Don’t let specialized vehicle maintenance hold you back. With FleetFocus, you can customize maintenance workflows regardless of vehicle type or complexity and manage each component’s unique lifecycle from acquisition to disposal.

Make smart decisions using GIS

The GIS capabilities in AssetWorks EAM increase transparency with your constituents by publishing open data through service requests, work orders, and capital projects.

White Paper

What is a smart city?

Smart cities are usually understood to provide networked services that work across departments to retrieve data and to organize it into understandable and useful information.

In this free white paper, you’ll learn about the following ideas:

  • The effectiveness of your current information
  • How to evaluate “smart” systems
  • What Data Silos are, and
  • How to employ “smart” solutions in your city

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