Rick’s Oilfield Hauling Case Study

Rick’s Oilfield Hauling Continues to Prosper in an Economic Downturn
Rick’s Oilfield Hauling Continues to Prosper in an Economic Downturn

The economic downturn is a challenge for all oilfield haulers, but Rick’s Oilfield Hauling continues to find a way to succeed. By guaranteeing customer products are transported safely and on time with a well-maintained fleet, combined with the help of AssetWorks Field Service Solution, Rick’s Oilfield Hauling can effectively continue operations despite negative market conditions.

Located in Redwater, Alberta, Rick’s Oilfield Hauling has been servicing the oilfield industry for over 36 years. With a team of long-term, qualified, and trained personnel, they specialize in the transportation of petroleum crude oil, light and heavy dilbit, condensate/diluent and produced water.

From Paper to Electronic

Before implementing AssetWorks Field Service Solution (FSS), their operations were paper-based, which led to many errors with field tickets and problems with tracking their trucks. “I used to spend hours on the phone trying to locate my drivers, but with AssetWorks, I can immediately see where my trucks are, and see how close they are to site rather than just randomly guessing,” says Darryl Enders, Rick’s Oilfield Hauling Supervisor of Operations. Resource management and communication between the office and the drivers is significantly improved.

In the past, they also struggled with their field ticketing process. Always being unsure of which tickets were out in the field, canceled or open was a challenge. Now with AssetWorks FSS, they can electronically manage field tickets and work orders to track the status of each job easily. By having electronic field tickets, all the workflows are streamlined, and any issues are addressed in real-time.

Duplicate data entry is now eliminated, and as soon as jobs are completed in FSS, they are electronically uploaded into Rick’s accounting system for billing in near real-time. A manual process which once took hours per day and was challenging due to timely receipt of the paper tickets from drivers and deciphering poor handwriting is no longer an issue for Rick’s.

Easy Implementation and Helpful Support

AssetWorks FSS is very user-friendly, and the implementation process was easy, according to Enders. “Everyone in the Calgary office is accommodating, and the 24-hour support is a bonus. Any issues that arose with implementation were resolved quickly, and the support team was always there to help when I called,” he says.

Real-time Servicing of Customers

Guaranteeing that the clients receive the best and most efficient service possible is how Rick’s Oilfield Hauling continues successful operations. AssetWorks Field Service Solution helps them service their customers better. “I keep more trucks busy on the road using AssetWorks, and I can keep trucks loaded both ways. I can plan the entire day to maintain efficient operations and service my customers in real-time” says Enders.

Return on Investment

After a painless implementation, AssetWorks FSS promptly offers a return on investment. By helping with resource management, eliminating manual/duplicate data entry and improving the billing and dispatch process, it is easy to see the benefits.

Additionally, the knowledge of where Rick’s Oilfield Hauling trucks are and what they are doing improves routing and offers Enders peace of mind while on the job.

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