5 Reasons Why Hardware Requirements Matter for Effective Fleet Management

computer hardware
computer hardware

Have you had a moment at your desk where you are tempted to slump your head onto your keyboard because some of your devices or hardware are crashing or slowing to a crawl? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there.

Fortunately, this is one of the simplest problems to fix in the hardware/software world. If the underperforming device is new, then it may be defective. According to your agreement with your provider, it may be under warranty and therefore be replaced at no cost to you. If the device is old, well, you probably know where this is headed. At the rate that technology develops, older, outdated software may no longer be compatible or integrated with the newer workflows, systems, and processes that you want to run.

As frustrating as that may sound, replacing the hardware comes with several benefits based on some fairly serious underlying issues that you may not see. Some of the most important reasons you want to adhere to the hardware requirements of fleet management software are:

  1. Hardware requirements for fleet software are stress tested by software developers to ensure all functionality works based on specifications.
  2. Developers test to ensure supported third-party software is compatible/support for the recommended hardware requirements:
    • Unforeseen issues and crashes
    • Slowness the end-users would be responsible to fix
    • Not having enough storage space/RAM, which causes system freezes and potential data loss
    • Not being able to utilize the software’s full potential, like queries, reports, and data batches, on top of the normal operations with the web application pools
  3. Developers test to ensure supported third-party software is compatible/support for the recommended hardware requirements:
    • Crystal Reports
    • NAPA integration with MaxQueue
    • What version of the database do we support.
    • What version of the Windows server do we support
  4. AssetWorks contracts third-party hardware vendors supported to work with our software.
    Lincoln Industrial is available for all your fuel needs. Designed to accurately track the storage and dispensing of fluids, oils, and greases in vehicle maintenance facilities, Lincoln Industrial’s versatile LFC 6000 Fluid Control system integrates with AssetWorks FleetFocus fleet management software. Events and costs are attached to work orders where they are available for all management tasks. As the consumable inventory is dispensed, the shop inventory is updated in real-time so that fleet managers know when to replenish fluids.

    GPS and Telematics for fleet vehicles help address three vital questions: Where are my fleet vehicles? What are my vehicles doing? And lastly, how is what they are doing out there going to affect my organization here?

  5. Effective software vendors provide websites for replacement parts or hardware ordering, just in case a piece of hardware breaks or malfunctions you can rest assured that the replacement parts work with your specific hardware and software systems.
    So, how is your hardware holding up? Are you up to date with the currently supported versions? If not, it’s time to bring your fleet to another level of security and integrity. Don’t allow your hardware to be subjected to bugs, crashes, and other issues.

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