Reduce Costs and Realize Faster Time-to-Value with SaaS

Confident successful arabian businessman tutor freelancer CEO working on digital tablet, watching webinars, e-learning, checking e-mails social media, reading news. Middle Eastern financial advisor
Confident successful arabian businessman tutor freelancer CEO working on digital tablet, watching webinars, e-learning, checking e-mails social media, reading news. Middle Eastern financial advisor

Even in good times, organizations like yours are under constant pressure to run lean, optimize asset utilization, and ensure business-alignment without compromising service delivery. It’s a challenging juggling act, especially as shrinking IT budgets block access to technology solutions that can help you break down information silos, improve transparency, and ultimately reduce cost and risk. In the face of these obstacles, organizations are increasingly turning to on-demand solutions, attracted by their shorter deployment cycles, greater security, and faster return on investment (ROI).

AssetWorks on-demand model offers your organization greater cost savings over traditional on-premise deployments, a straightforward implementation methodology, and a pay-as-you-go pricing. AssetWorks provides browser-based applications that can be accessed anytime and anywhere over Windows® Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox™ from virtually any endpoint (desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, etc.). The benefits of on-demand over traditional on-premise or ASP implementations are clear.

Key Benefits of SaaS in Fleet Management
  • Reduce Cost and Manage Risk — Cost and risk are perennial concerns for executives and managers, especially when manpower and money are committed to on-premise deployments of enterprise software with no guarantee of success. In an on-demand setting, AssetWorks assumes the risk, so your organization can breathe easy knowing we’re doing the heavy lifting.
  • Lower Up-front Costs and Higher Time-to-Value — With AssetWorks’ consumption-based licensing model, initial costs are kept to a minimum, and because users have immediate access to our solutions, your organization realizes a much faster return on its investment.
  • Hardware Savings — By abstracting the hardware layer, AssetWorks delivers hard-dollar savings to your organization. Carrying expensive data center equipment on your books (whether dealing with amortization or depreciation) or managing hardware leases can be an incredible financial burden on your organization. By removing this burden, AssetWorks liberates financial resources for use in other strategic initiatives. What’s more, because AssetWorks’ on-demand solutions can be accessed from virtually anywhere on virtually any device, you can deploy less expensive and more flexible tablet and smartphone endpoints in your environment.
  • Improve IT Resource Management — AssetWorks’ on-demand solutions free scarce IT resources to focus on other strategic IT initiatives in the enterprise.
  • Reliability and Security — AssetWorks’ on-demand solutions boast unparalleled availability, because we centrally manage the hardware, software, data, performance monitoring, and failover in accordance with established Service Level Agreements (SLAs). You can rest assured that our solutions will always be there when you need them.
  • No More Versioning Headaches — With our on-demand solutions, you never have to worry about upgrades and updates ever again. AssetWorks performs configuration management, conducts migrations, deploys patches and fixes, and deploys new releases.
  • Scalability, Integration and Customization — AssetWorks’ on demand-solutions can be scaled to accommodate any level of demand, and our web services APIs, custom developer tools, and prebuilt connectors support countless integration possibilities with other enterprise solutions, including your organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.
  • Higher Adoption Rates — Because AssetWorks’ on-demand solutions are browser-based, learning curves and adoption rates tend to be much higher. With their intuitive user interface (UI) and familiar Internet presentation layer, you users can become more productive much faster than with other solutions.

On-demand solutions from AssetWorks deliver robust, enterprise-grade business tools while simultaneously minimizing your dependence on internal technology resources. Safe, secure, and reliable — your users simply need a Web browser to access the application. AssetWorks is with you every step of the way with services that include database administration, version control, back-up administration, set-up, maintenance, performance monitoring, and system support. And as always, your satisfaction is paramount, so we work diligently to ensure you enjoy near 100% uptime.

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