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FleetFocus vs FASTER: Product Comparison

Not all fleet management software is created equal

In the market for a new fleet management system? AssetWorks FleetFocus isn’t going anywhere.

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Transition seamlessly to AssetWorks FleetFocus

As the sun sets on FASTER Win in the summer of 2025, it’s time to find a reliable, powerful replacement. At AssetWorks, we’ve been providing the fleet industry with secure, integrated technology for over 45 years.

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Streamlined shop floor operations

FleetFocus stands out as the superior choice for vehicle technicians. Unlike FASTER, FleetFocus offers a comprehensive, integrated solution that includes:

  • A unified portal for all technician and work management functions
  • The ability to create work orders, access complete asset details, and attach files/images directly within the portal
  • Issuing parts, assigning multiple technicians to tasks, and detailed repair result recording for better analytics
  • And much more

Increased security and permissions

When it comes to security, FleetFocus provides superior protection and control compared to FASTER. At AssetWorks, we offer our own SAE18-SOC2 certified data center (while FASTER relies on a third party center), advanced role-based permissions, and comprehensive SSO and MFA support.

Register for our upcoming FleetFocus vs FASTER webinar

Want more information on how to seamlessly transition from FASTER Win to AssetWorks FleetFocus? Register for our upcoming webinar now.


Reporting that fits your unique needs

When comparing reporting capabilities, FleetFocus offers a far more comprehensive and flexible solution.

  • Embedded Crystal Reports: Access nearly 400 out-of-the-box reports that can be customized, scheduled, and emailed directly within the system. Export reports to various formats (xlsx, pdf, html, csv, txt).
  • Customizable Print Formats: Modify the format and layout of printed pages, such as work orders and purchase orders, ensuring nothing is hardcoded.
  • Ad-Hoc Query Tool: Create and share over 50 ad-hoc reports intuitively, embed reports as gadgets in user portals, and design custom graphs, charts, and dashboards.
  • Asset Analytics Platform: Utilize an optional cloud-based platform with Power BI for dynamic, real-time data insights, including 30+ out-of-the-box industry standard insights and future anonymized benchmarking capabilities.
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Experienced FASTER-to-FleetFocus Implementation

We’ve had many FASTER customers make the switch over to FleetFocus already, so our implementation team has the process down to a science. You can trust us with your data, so you can get your operations back up and running on an improved FMIS.


Learn from the best

The AssetWorks Academy is the premier fleet management training event. The annual conference includes four days of continuing education and networking, including classroom and hands-on training covering AssetWorks software, discussions with top industry leaders about the latest trends and topics, and brainstorming with your peers.


City of Austin, TX

Industry: City Government
Products: FleetFocus, FuelFocus, CAM

“[FleetFocus] has really fulfilled a big piece of management of our fleet and provided us a really good platform for developing support for not only our department, but other departments in the city.”

In this case study, learn how the City of Austin, Texas uses AssetWorks FleetFocus, FuelFocus, and CAM to manage their fleet of 7,100 assets and vehicles- ranging from lawnmowers to emergency and utility vehicles.

FleetFocus vs FASTER Webinar Registration

Don’t just take our word for it. Register for our upcoming webinar, which includes a full feature comparison between AssetWorks FleetFocus and the FASTER Win/Web platforms.

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