5 Technologies for Improved Fleet Operations

fleet management
fleet management

With all of the technology available for fleets today, it’s important to know which technologies will have a positive impact on your fleet operations– and which will just waste time and money. While most fleets already have a comprehensive fleet management software solution, there are many more technologies or add-ons available today to improve fleet operations.

Before deciding on which technologies to invest in to improve fleet operations, consider these questions: Where are my fleet’s weaknesses? Where are our strengths? Does my fleet management software vendor supply any new technologies or add-ons?

The following five technologies are proven to improve fleet operations in different ways:

Capital Asset Management

Every fleet organization has mountains of data, including data on vehicles, assets, drivers, technicians, and preventive maintenance– just to name a few! Capital asset management software can help improve fleet operations through enhanced decision-making based on existing data.

Do you understand your assets’ optimal life cycles? With a capital asset management solution, fleet and asset managers can find ways to minimize capital expenditures and operating expenses by maximizing the useful life of an asset.

With AssetWorks CAM, you can optimize the entire life cycle of your fleet! CAM is a comprehensive capital asset management solution, designed to help reduce cost of ownership of assets and improve operation efficiency.

GPS Tracking

Where would the fleet industry be without GPS and telematics solutions? With GPS, you can improve productivity, lower fuel costs, and slash distracted driving behaviors in your organization. Not only can a comprehensive GPS solution help keep track of vehicles’ locations, but it can also play an important role in determining preventive maintenance schedules.

AssetWorks GPS solution communicates with your vehicles’ onboard computers, so you’ll never be left in the dark about vital information, like trouble codes and meter readings. You can use this data to build your preventive maintenance schedule around your vehicles, which boosts the efficiency of your fleet operations.

motor pool management
Motor Pool Management

While an unmanned motor pool might seem unnecessary for your fleet operations, there are many benefits to consider. These benefits include cost savings from running a motor pool without additional staff, greater customer service through 24/7 access to reservations, and accurate reports and billing based on data collected in real time.

AssetWorks KeyValet’s automated motor pool solution makes automated processes possible that may not be easily available for fleets using multiple systems. KeyValet provides a total solution to manage motor pools, including a single and secure database for reservations, time savings through automated reservations and accurate odometer readings, and compete integration with the FleetFocus fleet management software system.

Integrated Fuel P-Cards

Outside purchases, like fuel and parts, are a necessity for operating your fleet; however, they can often be challenging to track and manage effectively. With an integrated purchase card, you don’t need to worry about your drivers making unauthorized purchases for fuel or maintenance.

The AssetWorks TRIPCard integrated purchase card offers the fleet a whole new way of managing fuel and maintenance-related purchases for employees on the go. TRIPCard provides increased benefits, like improved accountability and enhanced authorization controls, with the flexibility and portability of a credit card.

Mobile Technology and Applications

Mobile technology plays a large role in the future of fleets. More and more people within the fleet industry need and want technology on their phones and tablets to help them complete their tasks on the go.

The AssetWorks SmartApps suite of mobile applications was developed for many people within your fleet organization, including technicians, drivers, customers, and inspectors.  From capturing real-time data and viewing upcoming preventive maintenance work schedules to allowing clients to access their vehicle reservations from their smartphones, the SmartApps suite has the capabilities to help your fleet continue growing in today’s connected world.

Fleet technology exists to improve fleet operations. Every day, new technology emerges to handle the many functions of the industry.

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