A Conversation with AssetWorks’ COO on International Women’s Day 

international women's day
international women's day

Did you know International Women’s Day started from a labor movement in the early 1900s? In fact, it was spurred by the women’s suffrage movement. It was not until 1975 that it became a public holiday in the United States. Just as women’s rights have evolved, the reasoning behind the day has as well, and it now serves as a reminder of the progress made toward gender equality and the work still needed to ensure a more inclusive and equitable world for all genders. 

The world has come a long way since the first International Women’s Day, and now women can be found in many leadership roles, including here at AssetWorks.

Meet Pamela Chow

Pamela Chow is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at AssetWorks and has been at AssetWorks for almost two decades. When Pamela first joined the AssetWorks team, she was a Senior Product Manager, but that was not the first time Pamela was in front of AssetWorks software. Her prior work experience proved invaluable from the outset, setting her up for much success at AssetWorks. 

Pamela’s career path within the company has been nothing short of impressive. She spent her first six years at AssetWorks, contributing her talents to project management before transitioning to professional services management. Not long after, Pamela was appointed Vice President of Operations, a role she excelled in before being promoted to the first female COO of AssetWorks.  “I feel that I’m good at what I do. I have the knowledge, skills, and strategy plus the intangibles needed to succeed in this position.  It does not matter that I am a woman,” said Pamela. Despite having those feelings now, she had to prove herself from the start to get here 

A Look Inside Our International Women’s Day Interview
  1. What has been your favorite project or accomplishment while working at AssetWorks?
    We have hosted a four-day software training event every year for almost 40 years called the AssetWorks Academy! The week consists of endless opportunities for training and networking, but before all the fun starts, AssetWorks’ leaders go on stage to kick off the week with an Opening Session. 2022 was the first year Pamela took the stage to address the hundreds of attendees in Hollywood, California. “Being able to do something like that and open the conference in front of 500 people has been a proud moment for me. Not many people can say they’ve spoken in that sized room. I was really nervous the first year and a little nervous last year, but this year, I got it,” shared Pamela. She is correct- few people can say they accomplished such a task, giving her a greater appreciation for performers.


  2. What advice would you give to a young woman starting their professional career?
    When Pamela first began her professional career, she did have to work to prove herself. She finds being in a leadership role, backed by years of experience, is not something top of mind. Nevertheless, Pamela believes women should not be ashamed to ask questions as it is part of the learning process and how we become better leaders. “Listen to the folks who work with you and with your teams. They usually know more than you, especially if you are new to the organization or department or starting a new position. I worked my way up the ranks from services, so that’s my comfort spot. I have to ask more questions and count on maybe direct reports more in other areas,” said Pamela.  

  3. What are your responsibilities outside of the office?
    Outside the office, you can find Pamela running her three daughters around to their extracurricular activities or taking advantage of some rest and relaxation on their annual family trips. Balancing a full-time job and being a full-time parent is something parents struggle with, but she has not let it hold her back professionally or personally. “I’m sure every parent struggles with it. It is a blessing that I have a home office. I can easily pause my day for a while, do the evening activities driving and dinner, and then hop back into the office for another hour,” said Pamela. Before working at AssetWorks, Pamela was in the office daily, but having the flexibility has helped her be more present for her family.

  4. How do you think diversity and inclusion allow for a successful organization?
    All companies should strive to be diverse as it not only enhances employee satisfaction but reflects the varied perspectives of their customer base, ultimately leading to greater success and societal benefit. 
     The fleet and asset management industry has come a long way within just the past decade. Not only can you find various races in the industry now, but more females have also made their way in. “We are a modern company with more diversity than traditional companies I have worked at previously. It is the same thing with our customers, there’s a lot of diversity among our customers as well. We have female leaders, and I think we know to be mindful of inclusion as a company. I think it is already a mainstay of our culture,” said Pamela.  How do you think diversity and inclusion allow for a successful organization?
    Take a look inside AssetWorks’ company culture here. 

  5. Why do you think it is important to acknowledge International Women’s Day?
    Even if one does not feel like their gender has impacted their professional journey, there are still countless women out there who have a different experience. International Women’s Day is a great reason to acknowledge how far we have come. “One of my daughters one day pointed out there was a time when women could not vote. They had just learned this fact and were shocked by it. I think it is important to remind ourselves of challenges women have dealt with and how far we have come, as well as to remind ourselves the sky is the limit,” closed Pamela. 

We appreciate Pamela sharing her thoughts and her professional journey. Now let’s celebrate and support women’s achievements not just on International Women’s Day but every day and work together to ensure everyone has equal opportunities. 

To learn more about AssetWorks’ careers, visit assetworks.com/careers. 

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