Press Release: AssetWorks Launches AI Dashcam

ai dashcam
ai dashcam

WAYNE, Pa. 4 May 2023 AssetWorks is the lead provider in fleet, fuel, and asset management software solutions. One of the many missions of the software company is to increase the amount of telematics data utilized and captured by fleets to improve both operations & safety. Staying true to their word, AssetWorks is excited to announce their latest product offering, AssetWorks GPS AI Dashcam.

The new AI Dashcam technology is an onboard safety coaching device providing drivers with real-time coaching and supervisors with any-time access to video streaming and driver reports.

“The onboard AI evaluates driving behavior 15 times per second.  Is the vehicle in its lane?  Is it following the vehicle ahead too closely?  Is the driver distracted or texting? With the AI evaluation happening right on the dashcam, drivers receive real-time feedback allowing them to make corrections before a dangerous situation occurs.” AssetWorks Product Manager Phil Arsenault.

With AssetWorks’ AI Dashcam, video is captured from two cameras to analyze driver behavior to reduce distracted driving and collisions through driver coaching. This dual-facing camera configuration allows fleets to analyze events inside the vehicle, in addition to events on the road ahead. These events are integrated directly into AssetWorks’ software solutions so fleet managers can answer questions like; Is tailgating impacting our brake pad life?  This type of information is powerful and can lead to new opportunities to reduce fleet operating costs.

If you want to learn more about AssetWorks AI Dashcam solution or are interested in scheduling a personalized demonstration, visit

About AssetWorks: AssetWorks is a leading supplier of fleet management software, automated fueling systems, and enterprise asset management software in North America and the United Kingdom, with more than 550 software customers, including private fleet operators as well as City, County, State and Federal organizations. AssetWorks solutions enable fleet organizations of all sizes to improve maintenance practices, streamline operations and improve accountability for mission-critical transportation assets. For more information, please visit

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