Optimizing Your Fleet Management Software Without Breaking the Bank

fleet management
fleet management

While an effective fleet management software solution like FleetFocus can help organizations improve efficiency and streamline operations, finding the best way to optimize their fleets with the software can be a challenge– especially for smaller fleet organizations. A comprehensive fleet software solution is a big investment, and high implementation costs can sometimes prevent organizations with smaller fleet sizes from deploying the resources necessary to capitalize on revolutionary opportunities.

In Minnesota, three small fleets decided to break the mold and work together for an effective fleet software solution.

The Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency (SCALE), a group of collaborative public agencies, wanted to invest in a fleet solution. Scott County, Carver County and the City of Burnsville knew they needed to replace outdated, non-fleet-specific software with a more effective solution. After submitting a joint request for proposal (RFP), they chose AssetWorks FleetFocus fleet management software for their shared use.

All three fleets went live with FleetFocus in August 2015. One more fleet, for the City of Shapokee, is also live with the shared software, bringing the total fleets sharing the software to four. They’re even looking to add more fleets soon!

Barry Johnson, national account executive for AssetWorks, believes that fleets of any size can benefit from sharing software.

In an interview with Government Fleet Magazine, Johnson said, “I think every fleet should consider sharing because of the economies of scale. They’re able to deploy tools they couldn’t afford on their own and take advantage of a lot of advanced features that they wouldn’t have access to.”

With the opportunity of effective fleet management software sharing comes some other key advantages: the sharing organizations can relay best practices and helpful tips to each other. They can avoid pitfalls or common mistakes through appropriate warnings, and when they feel they have figured out or accomplished a new “better” way of doing something, they can share it so that all of the fleets will benefit together.

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