How to Kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone: Go Paperless and Keep Technicians at Bay

two technicians on tablet
two technicians on tablet

Are you frustrated by seeing your fleet technicians running furiously from the bay to the office to a separate workstation to the parts room and back again, all while handling paperwork that could get lost? If you’re thinking, “There has got to be a better way,” – well, you’d be right. A paperless, comprehensive fleet management solution covers all of the bases for your fleet workshop.

How does that work? We’re glad you asked! All of the below items can be done via real-time labor capture for a technician:

Assign the jobs to the technician who can then just click on the job to punch in – no paper cards are required. But what if your technician says:

  • “Geez, now I need some parts.”
    • The technician can request parts by description (can enter the part number if they know it, but for ease, only need to enter the description) from the workstation in his bay. The status will automatically update based on your parts room procedures. It does not matter if the part needs approval, needs to be ordered, or is ready to pick up, there is still no paper required. It can all be done within the system!
  • “I need to see the warranty for this vehicle or asset.”
    • Don’t worry, it too is available for access right from the workstation.
  • “I need to enter my notes from this task.”
    • The technician can enter any notes they have right onto the task or work order right from the workstation.
laptop in workshop
  • “I need to enter another job because the asset needs more maintenance than I can perform now.”
    • The technician can do that with the right privilege right from the workstation in the fleet management software.
  • “I need to enter my PM checklist results.”
    • That’s right, you guessed it! It can also be done via test suites and data entry right from the workstation in the bay.
  • Trouble completing work orders in a timely fashion?
    • The technician can complete the work order if they are the last person to mark the job on the work order as complete.

Bottom line: The only time your technician has to leave their bay/workstation is to pick up the parts that have already been gathered and made ready for them.

AssetWorks FleetFocus provides all of the paperless, efficient advantages described above and much more. Your technicians can enjoy the ease and convenience of quick data entry, asset information lookup, and parts ordering. Meanwhile, you can enjoy ROI with time and money saved through more efficient workshop practices. Did we mention that FleetFocus is fully integrated with our fuel, motor pool, and mobile management solutions, along with other services?

See how paperless fleet management can assist your technicians with a custom demo.
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