6 Benefits of Tablets for Fleet Technicians

fleet management software
fleet management software

Technology should make your fleet technicians’ jobs easier– not more complicated. Are you interested in tablets for your technicians? Read on to discover the top 6 benefits:¬†

1. Simplified Scheduling and Work Assignments

With tablets, shop floor technicians can move inspections, preventive maintenance (PM), and work orders to new dates or times by the simple ‘click and drag’ method.

Tablets also eliminate unnecessary steps in the scheduling process. Unscheduled inspections wait in a queue to be scheduled, then, after clicking and dragging the work order onto the calendar, the work order is both scheduled and assigned to an available fleet technician.

2. Increased Mobility

The role of the fleet technician is inherently mobile. On any given day, a technician moves from task to task, both in the shop and on the road, and needs his or her fleet management software to keep up.

Tablets are small and resistant to dirty shop environments, so your technicians can keep tablets in their pockets or bags without fear of damaging them.

Tablets allow technicians to quickly record information while performing various jobs. They will no longer have to write things down or remember data before recording it into the system. Real-time labor and data capture becomes “real-time” with tablets!

3. Flexibility of Web Browser and App-Specific Applications
fleet management software

Mobile devices, like tablets, can run both web browsers and mobile apps. Often, users find web browsers to be excellent for approximately 75% of workflows, but a bit too clunky for smaller workflows– especially those conducted by fleet technicians.

Tablets offer flexibility that typical PCs cannot. They are a more universal device since they can use both web browsers and mobile applications.

4. All-In-One Device

Tablets are not only great for the application but can act as a mobile devices that can house important documents and applications that can be used in tandem on demand. PDFs can replace heavy books, applications can replace multiple devices, and web access at their fingertips can eliminate the need to access different machines or phones to coordinate things like parts catalog look-ups or labor methods.

Tablets also have embedded technologies like microphones and cameras that allow technicians to capture speech-to-text and photos/videos of the equipment they are working on. For example, technicians can record current equipment conditions or defects/problems found during inspections and repairs.

5. Streamlined Workflows

When using tablets for fleet management processes, your technicians can:

  • Schedule and assign work
  • Open, delay, finish, and close inspections
  • Record all necessary data
  • Request or post parts
  • Take photos/videos of inspections
  • Complete PM checklists
  • Much more!
6. Widely Accepted by Fleet Technicians

Technicians are usually the most likely to resist change and to give management problems when it comes to upgrades and technological progress. However, technicians are also the first group to become excited about the current changes once they are deployed!

Tablets are a new technology that allows technicians to more easily do their job, and technicians are generally accepting of receiving their own device since it has appeal for more than just fleet management applications. Tablets inherently have a sleek and stylish look that is seen as a fun and convenient device over a typical laptop or PC.

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