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What Does Your Fleet Vehicle Really Cost?

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Understanding the true cost of a vehicle or asset, including upfront costs and ownership costs, can help you make the most of your budget and help your fleet run more efficiently. By now, you’ve reached this point and you’re probably thinking: “great, now that I know of all of this data I am supposed to track, what do I do next?” Well, you could make sure that you are accurately tracking all of that information in spreadsheets, but that would likely become a problem and end up with you back at the scenario outlined at the start of the above infographic. A truly integrated life-cycle cost analysis solution is likely your best bet. It covers cradle-to-grave expenditures and datasets for your assets. At the same time, it integrates with ERP software and generates reports and visual representations that will help you make the best decisions for your fleet. Finally, you can tell your coworkers exactly how much that vehicle really costs.

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