Manage outside purchases with TRIPCard integrated fuel purchase card

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Meet TRIPCard.

Backed by the trustworthiness of MasterCard® and accepted at more than 190,000 locations, the AssetWorks TRIPCard integrated fuel purchase card offers fleet organizations a whole new way of managing fuel and maintenance-related purchases for employees on the go. The TRIPCard features data integration directly into FleetFocus within hours of the transaction posting. This provides increased benefits, such as improved accountability and enhanced authorization controls, with the flexibility and portability of a credit card.

How TRIPCard works:

In this short demo, you’ll learn how TRIPCard integrated fuel purchase card benefits a fleet organization.

TRIPCard integrated p-card is a ‘real-time’ saver for State of Oklahoma Fleet Management Department



  • Fuel purchases accepted at nearly 190,000 sites and maintenance purchases are authorized at 490,000 locations across North America
  • Fuel purchase card captures Level III data at virtually every accepting location
  • Cards can be customized with enhanced controls like daily, dollar and location limits and limits of transaction number per user
  • Card data is integrated into the FuelFocus system in near real-time and billings can be set to your organization’s fiscal periods
  • Complimentary liability protection against unauthorized employee charges


  • Improved accountability for purchases made off-site with access to purchases and rejected purchases in near real-time
  • Greater convenience for employees on the go
  • Improved data accuracy and analytics through near real-time updates
  • Increased insights into your organization’s fuel and maintenance related spending
  • Frees up valuable time normally spent on manual data integration

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