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Keyless entry motor pool management

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Keyless entry motor pool technology with TapN’Go

Changing the way we think about motor pool management. 

TapN’Go is a comprehensive motor pool management solution, utilizing today’s top keyless entry technology. With TapN’Go, motor pool users can lock and unlock a vehicle with their RFID or building access card. Motor pool users simply make a reservation through the FleetFocus Motor Pool Reservation portal or Reservation Center mobile app, select an available vehicle within the parking lot at the reserved time slot and unlock the vehicle. With the keyless approach, there are no delays through picking up keys from a person or keybox.

All data from TapN’Go seamlessly integrates with AssetWorks FleetFocus’ Motor Pool module. This allows fleet motor pool administrators to have full visibility of the status of each reservation, insight of when maintenance is due and pool availability at all times.


  • Configured to work with RFID or proximity card readers

  • Starter circuit immobilized for security, allowing keys to be stored in the glovebox

  • 24/7 online motor pool reservations

  • Real-time data and hardware can receive firmware updates over the air


  • Use existing employee security access cards to easily implement keyless solution

  • Increase productivity and streamline processes to get staff on the road as quickly as possible

  • Reduce time lost traveling to keybox or searching for motor pool vehicle keys

  • Opportunity to implement a car sharing model between different organizations or provide access to your vehicles to people outside of your organization

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