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Save money by improving efficiency on your outsourced repairs

Busy worker

Do you sometimes feel like you need 15 arms to juggle the workload on your desk? 

Between dealing with your scheduled workload, now you have to handle an emergency repair or a rapid turn around on a warranty repair. It can feel like you are glued to your phone and email just tracking the status of the repairs in your shop and at your vendors.

What is the optimal mix of vended repairs compared to in-house maintenance activities for your fleet? The answer can be found in part by answering the following questions:

* Do your resources have the skills to handle the task at hand?

* Are you constrained by available space or specialty tools to perform work?

* Do you have the labor capacity to perform all the work?

Organizations tend to outsource maintenance activities that slow throughput on the shop floor such as collision repair, major drive train work, or specialty equipment repairs. This approach allows internal resources to focus on the more routine aspects of fleet maintenance and better utilize space and skills. Cost savings are achieved by reducing downtime, keeping inventories carrying costs low and better utilizing technicians and fixed assets.

One a decision is made to outsource, how is the communication between your vendor and you handled?  Is it uniform across all vendors?  Is all your data captured?  Can you manage and maintain all the information about the repairs, downtime, your costs and your compliance in one place?

With the Vendor Gateway from AssetWorks, this mission critical information is all in your FleetFocus database.  You will have complete access to all information, contacts, and communications you need during the repair process no matter the asset type.  The Vendor Gatway eliminates error prone data entry or the need to access multiple systems or portals.  End the mess of faxing, emails, and phone calls depending on the vendor.

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