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Is downtime really that bad for business? It can be.

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Vehicle downtime is a fact of life – a universal truth. As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, Fleet owners are managing the amount of time assets are out of service. When assets are not in service, then they are not collecting refuse, delivering goods, pushing back airplanes or paving roads. In other words, assets are not generating revenue.

Downtime can be planned or unplanned. Planned downtime is necessary for preventive maintenance or regulatory inspections. This type of downtime typically does not last long and helps avoid unplanned downtime. On the contrary unplanned downtime, such as breakdowns and accidents, typically take longer and impact revenue generation more severely. Not only is an asset in the shop longer, but the Operations group loses additional revenue while it reschedules other assets and operators to mitigate the loss.

Fleet Managers can help companies increase revenue by better controlling the unplanned downtime events. One way to do this is to work closely with service providers to drive efficiency into the process. This can be accomplished by:

  • Streamlining communications to coordinate repairs more quickly
  • Analyzing relevant data provided by vendors to prevent future events
  • Enforcing vendor service level agreements

Whether you are a private organization whose vehicles are revenue-generating or a public agency who needs those vehicles to perform their public duty, an out-of-service vehicle is bad for business. The AssetWorks Vendor Gateway can give you power to help keep your vehicles in service and focused on your goals.

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