Why You Should Combine Fleet and Public Works

Two construction workers in hardhats and vests posing for a photo at the road
Two construction workers in hardhats and vests posing for a photo at the road

A sizable public works department will immediately recognize the importance of keeping tabs on all of its primary assets, such as trees, benches, roads, and so on. Without proper maintenance of these assets, a department may have to request a larger budget in the coming year to fix whatever issues arose. There is, however, another glaring mark on the yearly budget: fleet, a small word that carries a whole lot of weight. If not checked carefully, the nature of fleet-related costs can eat away at a budget through vehicle maintenance, procurement, disposal, fuel, insurance, accidents and litigation, and more. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was one comprehensive solution to manage all of your fleet and public works assets together?

When a fleet is a part of public works, the need for visibility and roll-up reporting of costs across the organization becomes even more important. The public works director needs a comprehensive view of all the assets managed by the department to make it easier to perform trade-off analysis, justify additional funding and improve efficiencies. Having one system to manage all of your assets, including the mobile ones, presents these additional benefits:

• Integration with other systems such as financial, HR, or payroll can be simplified and reduced since there are fewer touchpoints
• IT management of systems is streamlined as the number of systems is reduced
• Training of staff is smoother as more users are using the same interface
• Ongoing administration of the system is simplified as you need fewer people with specific system knowledge
• Stronger integration and visibility of your work crews in the field if those vehicles are equipped with vehicle location devices.

The consolidation of fleet and public works information in one software solution can provide management with dynamic and inclusive tools to track and maintain their assets and create forecasts regarding them all in one database. By saving money through annual return on investment (ROI), your department can spend more resources serving the community.

AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software can provide management with the tools it needs to stay on top of procurement and disposal, preventive maintenance (PM) and budgeting costs. The benefits don’t stop there, however. EAM comes equipped with AssetWorks premier fleet management software, FleetFocus. FleetFocus can maintain all of the crucial information about your fleet that you want tracked: vehicle meter readings and telematics, PM scheduling, vehicle availability, GPS tracking, work orders, inventory and more. It can even be further outfitted with motor pool, fuel and mobile management modules.

The most convenient, and possibly most profitable, feature of the software is the fact that all of the assets, modules and information are integrated into one comprehensive database. There is no room for mismanaged assets or miscommunication between programs – there is one touch point for fleet and public works assets. If a vehicle’s information is updated by the fleet manager, the changed information is accurate and available to the next person that accesses it, through whatever portal they use.

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