What is Fleet Management Software | What You Need to Know

fleet management software
fleet management software

Fleet management software is computer software that handles every aspect of running a modern fleet organization. Effective fleet software solutions include many powerful features, such as complete vehicle equipment life-cycle management, robust work order functionality, shop scheduling, warranty and claims tracking, and much more.

Question & Answer
  1. Question: Why do I need fleet management software?
    Answer: For many organizations, vehicle equipment assets and the labor needed to maintain them represent significant and increasing expenses. To succeed, fleet managers need effective software tools to proactively manage these costs and improve long-term planning. Fleet management software is instrumental in improving a fleet’s operations and performance through increased equipment/asset availability, decreased maintenance and repair (M&R) costs, and increased vehicle utilization.
  2. Question: Who benefits from fleet management software?
    Answer: Technicians, procurement specialists, data analysts, drivers, inspectors, fleet managers, and more.
  3. Question: What industries use fleet management software?
    Answer: Government, utilities, education, and private industries– just to name a few!
  4. Question: What industries use fleet management software?
    Answer: Government, utilities, education, and private industries– just to name a few!
  5. Question: Can I integrate fleet and fuel systems?
    Answer: Yes! AssetWorks FleetFocus fleet management systems integrate seamlessly with FuelFocus’s automated fuel management system.
  6. Question: What should I look for in a fleet software vendor?
    Answer: Proven industry experience, a history of innovation, 24/7 software support, and opportunities for extended training.
Why You Should Invest in Fleet Management Software
AssetWorks FleetFocus: Over 35 Years of Fleet Management Software Innovation

FleetFocus is a comprehensive maintenance management system that aims to address the challenges faced by fleets of all sizes. It was designed by fleet managers for fleet managers with robust features and an easy-to-use interface. FleetFocus is capable of tracking an unlimited number of vehicle equipment units and supports an unlimited number of workstations from any number of locations.

FleetFocus tracks all functions related to the maintenance of vehicle equipment, including repair and preventive maintenance (PM) work orders and operating expenses, including fuel, oil, and licensing.

Major Benefits of Fleet Software
  • Reduced vehicle ownership costs
  • Extended useful life of vehicles
  • Increased equipment availability
  • Increased warranty recovery
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Improved labor productivity 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved regulatory compliance for vehicle management, maintenance, and parts inventory management
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