6 Traits to Look for When Hiring New Fleet Technicians

interviewing candidate
interviewing candidate

You can find different types of technicians in the industry, all of whom possess various skill levels and abilities. Despite their differences, there are still qualities that unify all the best technicians. Even with a technician shortage, managers must ensure they have the best technicians in the shop since they are responsible for keeping their fleets operating seamlessly. Here are six traits that make for high-quality technicians: 

Trait 1: Diagnostic Skills
Managers want a mechanic that can quickly identify the root cause of a problem. If a technician has to poke around and risk damage to other auto parts in the process. One way to avoid these chances is by providing technicians access to fleet software on the shop floor. Continuous access to fleet software offers technicians a clear overview of the work required and wastes less time completing diagnostics. 

Trait 2: Experience
Becoming a great technician takes time. Technicians don’t learn everything through schooling and gain most of their knowledge through experience. The most experienced technicians have worked on various cars, trucks, and SUVs. Working on different types of vehicles teaches technicians electrical, fuel, computer, and air conditioning systems. This experience also helps technicians understand what tools are necessary for specific repairs.

Trait 3: Desire to Learn
The best technicians continue to further their education and knowledge. With new makes, models, and technology, technicians should continue developing their skills. Technicians who complete certifications stay up-to-date with industry topics and trends. 

Not all technicians will be certified, but those who are offer security by ensuring they are qualified to complete repairs correctly. Technicians can receive an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) every five years to keep their knowledge up-to-date. 

technician working

Trait 4: Resourceful
Technicians cannot predict what type of vehicle repairs they will be assigned. Even experienced technicians can get stumped on service requests. Those who call on a trusted adviser to help understand the problem will better themselves and eliminate further damage. 

Trait 5: Work Ethic
Fleets depend upon their technicians to keep their operations moving, which means the longer a vehicle is out of service, the more downtime. The best technicians will be reliable and work to tackle as many tasks as possible to improve uptime. Technicians with a passion for their work will not think twice about rolling up their sleeves and getting greasy, and that will show in their work.

Trait 6: Technology Smart
The best technicians not only know their way around a toolbox, but they also have an understanding of technology. Technicians who utilize and understand technology have an advantage since they can reduce their downtime and increase accuracy by completing tasks right in the workshop.
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