Case File: Shop Activity | What’s Happening In Your Maintenance Shop

man changing tire in maintenance shop
man changing tire in maintenance shop

Tuesday, 10:21 am. It’s always a Tuesday.

The smell of metal. Burned out, buzzing lights swing precariously above. Somewhere, the all familiar drip-drip of leaking oil reminds you of another problem yet to be fixed. The clipboard in your hands contains work orders and timesheets, all illegible, torn and smeared.


Whirling around, the scene is a mess. A metal arm from the jack came slamming down, including the vehicle with it.

Physical injuries? Luckily, none.

Prideful injuries? Immense.

Financial injuries? Extensive.

What went wrong? What broke? Who should have been paying attention? When was the equipment last inspected?

This isn’t the shop floor you wanted to be in charge of. What can change?

We answer all of these questions and more, in Case File: Shop Activity.

The Determination of the Case

The facts of the case present evidence that not all is as it should be. Important forms were ignored for being illegible. Technician and inspector scheduling was incorrect from mismanaged timesheets and calendars. In short, the fleet maintenance facility suffered a breakdown of key elements at the same time.

As a result, the most recent inspection had been a month ago. At the time, this inspector had noted stress fatigue in the jack and filled out a form for the back office to review and determine an appropriate fix or replacement. Where did the form go? At the bottom of a stack of smeared and illegible forms in the office.

A month later, technicians who were unaware of any misgivings about the jack, used it to work on a fleet vehicle – as they do every day. Except for this Tuesday, the jack had worked its last, and the compromised horizontal arm cracked, split, and came crashing down.

Investigator’s determination of cause: improper shop floor maintenance, inefficient form, and data management.

Investigator’s recommended solution: FleetFocus Shop Activity and EDGE.

EDGE current activity mockup
The Facts of Shop Activity and EDGE

To understand the importance of this recommendation, let’s ask the five “5 W’s and How.”

  • Who is Shop Activity for?
    • Any fleet maintenance facility is responsible for operating its shops. That includes you!
  • What does Shop Activity do?
    • Shop Activity allows technicians and supervisors to optimize their workflows in an integrated, digital system.
    • Supervisors can assign technicians’ work and technicians’ schedules for the day/week, etc.
    • Technicians can log real-time labor on their jobs and activities.
    • Streamlines multiple shops and garages in a maintenance facility.
  • Where can Shop Activity can be used?
    • In your desired fleet maintenance facility through your computers, as well as through FleetFocus Edge on your mobile devices.
  • When can you look into adding Shop Activity?
    • Now!
  • Why should you invest in Shop Activity?
    • You can enjoy:
      • Real-time labor capture
      • Maintaining schedules for technicians
      • Schedule work
  • How will Shop Activity benefit you? (It allows you to get EDGE, first of all)
    • Technicians can view their job assigned on their phone/PC before getting to the shop so they can plan for the day ahead.
    • Technicians can use a tablet while working in the shop by logging in, issuing parts, etc.
    • Technicians can wrap up all of their work on their PC at the end of the day if they need to.
      • EDGE possesses multi-form factors, so it can be used throughout the day with different types of devices
      • What is EDGE? We’re glad you asked. Check out this page to learn a little bit more. Be sure to fill out the contact form if you want to talk to someone about it!

There you have it. Tracking down inefficient fleet maintenance facilities is just a part of the job. FleetFocus with Shop Activity and EDGE are surefire ways to bring your organization to the next level.

Case: Shop Activity

Status: Closed

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