3 Questions to Ensure You Are Making the Most With Your Fleet Workshops

vehicle workshop
vehicle workshop

It’s pretty easy to tell if your fleet workshop is ahead of schedule and running efficiently: your technicians may have free time and your garage bays may be empty. But is this a sign that your fleet workshop is too efficient? It sounds ridiculous, right?

Imagine that you could fill those garage bays with vehicles at the specific frequency that you wanted. Your fleet technicians would be fully optimized to be working at a reasonable pace without excessive downtime or feeling like they’re falling behind. Well, that’s exactly the reasoning behind the Booking Appointment Module in FleetFocus.

This module allows an organization to strategically utilize current fleet workshop and operations teams to serve third-party customers to generate revenue.

1. Are you accepting external work requests?

The Booking Appointment feature allows fleet workshops to accept external work to fill their capacity and keep their technicians’ performance effective and efficient. Within the AssetWorks system lies the Planning software, which is used to manage productivity and efficiency while supporting safety and compliance. The Planning software allows fleet workshops to plan scheduled maintenance requirements for all of their internal vehicles as well as create Work Requests for a specified location and shift. The software also allows their external customers to now have access to FleetFocus to see their scheduled maintenance requests by vehicle and department.

Operators can review all the jobs due within a specified window, then confirm the dates with one click, without a need for additional communication. External customers also have access to the fleet workshop network to book their vehicles for maintenance.

2. Have you optimized your reserve vehicle pool?

With these software improvements, workshops can defer work in progress to a future date if they are waiting for parts, for example. The Planning software can be used to reduce downtime by forecasting scheduled maintenance jobs. The vehicle would be maintained when it is not required by the operation, which saves on the need for reserve vehicles.

3. Do you utilize booking automation?

The application pulls all Work Requests due within a defined window of days into a Work Plan, which reduces the number of times a vehicle enters the shop.
If a fleet workshop expects to be sufficiently busy, they may decide to deploy a call center that utilizes the Booking software. If an operational or external customer phones in, the team can see which dates and shifts are available by workshop. As a result, your fleet workshops can properly manage and direct your waiting task to the appropriate locations without having to use up valuable time from your technicians that they could spend on maintenance jobs.

The Booking Appoint module is just one of the many exciting and efficient features that can come with FleetFocus. To learn more about other modules, integrations and key features of our premier fleet management software, click here.

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