PartWorks: Everything You Need to Know about Easy Hardware Ordering

delivery and logistics concept with icons
delivery and logistics concept with icons

PartWorks is the hardware ordering website created for AssetWorks customers. Using PartWorks provides a few different benefits for them and for AssetWorks. Ordering through the website allows AssetWorks to keep an accurate inventory so that the most popular and in-demand items are available to be ordered and shipped immediately. The PartWorks order serves as the customer’s record should any issues arise with processing an order. The user can check pricing of parts, receive quotes and view any relevant documents, including installation manuals, that they may need to get the most out of their hardware.

If an AssetWorks customer is using FuelFocus, KeyValet, GPS or any combination or service that utilizes hardware, they can use PartWorks to quickly order almost any additional parts. The process of ordering begins with creating a user account.

Navigating the PartWorks Site

A new user will do this easily by visiting the PartWorks site and clicking ‘Create Your Account’.

From here, the user fills in all of the required information and selects their organization from the drop-down menu provided.

The next screen will be their organization’s home portal screen, which is tailored to be relevant to their specific organization and utilized products. From this page, users can search parts and hardware through the search bar at the top, or through the menus on the left-hand side of the screen. Below the menu they will see links if they have active quotes or RMAs available.

Quoting Hardware through PartWorks

One of the most useful aspects of the PartWorks website is the quoting tool. PartWorks Administrators can send quotes for individual pieces, or for full orders. A user just has to use the Contact Us links to send a message to AssetWorks administrators and someone will get a quote to them within 24 hours. Quotes arrive via email in PDF and are also available to view on the user’s PartWorks Account. If they chose to view the quote on their account page they are able to add the parts directly to their cart from the quote page.

**Please Note: Quotes are only valid until the expiration date (usually 3 months from the creation date), they will need to request a new quote if they want to purchase after this date.

Warranties Through PartWorks

Another useful tool available to PartWorks customers is the warranty process. Initiating this process is simple. A user begins by sending an email to the AssetWorks Hardware Support team to retrieve a ticket number. Once they have that, they can visit the product detail page and use the link there to request a warranty replacement.

Once they have requested a warranty, the Hardware Support team reviews the request and approves it as long as it meets the requirements. Once the request is approved, the user will be notified via email and have a link on the left-hand side of their homepage that will take them to the request and allow them to add parts to their cart.

While there are many more helpful features of the website, the last one to be mentioned in this blog is the Resources tab. The Resources tab has all the information a customer needs to answer any questions that may arise. AssetWorks is always here to help, but this page may answer some questions more quickly. Under the Documents section, a user can find all installation manuals and information pertaining to the individual parts and systems they go with.

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