5 Data Points Your GPS/Telematics Should Capture


When your business is growing, trying to maintain your vehicle’s health and cut down costs will always be a challenge. Being able to collect key data points in the same database is a huge advantage for any business. AssetWorks GPS/telematics solution tracks and manages vehicles, assets, and drivers. By combining the rich features of GPS/telematics with your FleetFocus system, your platform can be a lot more powerful to manage your fleet.

AssetWorks GPS offers real-time integration to your existing FleetFocus system and eliminates manual data collection. This integration helps streamline your maintenance processes with accurate and timely data, so you can make the best decisions for your fleet. AssetWorks GPS automatically captures key data points from light & heavy-duty vehicles, trailers, yellow iron, and other high-value assets.

Here are 5 key integration points to help you improve your operations:

Mileage Capture/Odometer Readings

Preventive maintenance is crucial to any vehicle’s lifespan. Between the costs of paying for a regular maintenance routine and having to pay for a blown engine that was under maintenance, your costs become pretty significant. AssetWorks GPS provides accurate and timely capture of Engine Control Module (ECM) based mileage to ensure PM schedules are being managed effectively. For non-ECM-equipped vehicles, GPS offers a calculated mileage, so you can feel more confident knowing your fleet will be taken care of on time by using the most accurate data available.

Engine Hour/Asset Run Time Capture

If your heavy-duty vehicles are a big part of your operations, chances are you want to keep them maintained as much as possible. No one wants to spend extra on unneeded repairs that could have been prevented. AssetWorks GPS captures engine hours direct from ECM or will utilize cumulative engine run time on/off to capture hours if there is no ECM available. This automated capture ensures hourly-based PM schedules are optimized.

Trouble Codes

Real-time capture of trouble codes (DTCs) and Malfunction Indicator Lights (MILS), ensure critical problems can be dealt with promptly. As soon as an engine light comes on, you’ll receive an alert that notifies you what vehicle has a problem. The reported diagnostic code can help mechanics diagnose and prioritize the problem even before your vehicle makes it into the shop. This will allow your team to work faster and reduce vehicle downtime.


With regular location updates to FleetFocus, your maintenance staff will no longer waste time searching for vehicles/assets requiring service. Your maintenance staff will be able to see where exactly in the yard the vehicle is, or if it’s in the shop getting repairs done. This allows your staff to cut out any wasted time spent searching and instead focus on the other duties that they need to perform.

Asset System of Record

Your AssetWorks FleetFocus is the system of record for asset data. Additions, modifications, or terminations in your fleet flow down automatically to GPS. That means you only need to maintain one database of assets. You no longer have to jump from system to system for the management of database synchronization. AssetWorks GPS and FleetFocus is the only two-way integration that allows you to take advantage of managing only one data set of assets for both your maintenance system and your GPS/telematics platform.

AssetWorks GPS works hand-in-hand with your current FleetFocus system to bring you the most accurate data to help you reduce costs and boost your preventive maintenance plan. Having an all-in-one solution, and one database of assets to manage, will help you improve your efficiency and improve productivity.

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